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Fortnite, the new update welcomes 120 fps: the news on PS5 and Xbox Series X

While Fortnite is offline for maintenance related to the installation of theupdate 15.10, there are exciting news for active players in the new generation of consoles.

The Epic Games team confirms that the new patch will enable some features specific to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S. All three platforms, in particular, can now take advantage of the 120fps support, with the frame rate available in Creative and Battle Royale modes. To activate the option, simply access the Fortnite video settings to activate the “120fps mode” option.

To ensure proper fluidity, when you enable 120fps, the resolution will be automatically lowered yes 4K and 1440p, be in Playstation 5 be in Xbox Series X. Shadow settings, post-rendering, and streaming distances will also be slightly reduced, while there will be no change for volumetric clouds, edge lighting, and shaders. As for change Xbox Series S, 120 fps mode will bring the resolution gives 1200p to 1080p. Again, settings related to shadows and other aspects will be reduced, with the addition that volumetric clouds will also be disabled.

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While you’re waiting for details on a Fortnite Christmas event, we’d like to remind you that 120fps mode can only be used on a display that supports a 120Hz refresh rate.

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