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Free Bomber Crew from the Humble Store

Free Bomber Crew from the Humble Store

The Humble Store is giving away the indie Bomber Crew, a nice game to spend some time with: hurry up and redeem it before the payment is back.

Bomber Crew is free onHumble Store for three days (two days and eight hours at the time of writing this news). Run to redeem it before it pays back!

How to say no to gods free games? On PC in particular, you can play throughout the year without spending practically anything, using only the gifts of the various shops. Just yesterday the Epic Games Store gave Star Wars: Battlefront 2 as a gift, but the list of gifts gets longer from year to year.

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Bomber Crew page on the Humble Store

If you want more informationread our Bomber Crew review, in which we wrote:
Bomber Crew is a little gem, despite not being very advanced from a technical point of view and having some problems in the control system, which adds frustration to the already evident difficulty. For the rest it is a strategic simulation that will appeal to all lovers of FTL and similar, and to all those who are looking for a fresh and honest gaming experience, which lasts for several hours. In short, we recommend it unreservedly.