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Galaxy Note 6: Launch in Europe

It is ironic what is going to happen this year with Samsung, because last year the Galaxy S6 Edge+ did come out in Europe and it did not do so in Note 5, however, now everything indicates that it will be the opposite and Who will be released in Europe will be the Galaxy Note 6. Does Samsung admit it was wrong last year? What does this mean? This news will make Note users happy, but not those who wanted to add Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 to their cart in its largest version.

Note 6 will come out in Europe

If there are no changes, Note 6 would be launched in Europe this same summer. For now we don’t have too much data because MWC 2016 has yet to arrive with the presentations of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The bad news is for users who were waiting for the S7 Edge+ because it would never arrive. An idea of ​​the design, for this Note 6, we see in the previous photo of the Note 5 in its rumors:

If we want a really big phone from Samsung this year, Note 6 is the solution, without curves but with S-pen. News that has pleased Samsung fans who already wanted to buy the Note 5 in Europe at the time, but it took a while.

Some unknown characteristics

We really want to have the Note 6 with us, a terminal for which we still do not have data, but which we do know will be a flagship with all of the law. Great processor, RAM, good cameras, it will have it all. If you are interested, remember to take a look at these 5 features of the S-Pen, which will surely be even better with the Note 6.

Augustthe key month for it to be Galaxy Note 6 launched. In the meantime we have to wait for more data. Before we will see what is new from Samsung, the Galaxy S7 on January 21.

what do you think about this news? Are you happy that Note 6 is coming out in Europe? It seems that everything is back to normal, so take advantage of the comments to tell us what you think of all this.

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