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Games with Gold: April 2017 free games for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Games with Gold: April 2017 free games for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Service for several months games with gold has embarked on a path of slow but steady improvement, and new games from April fully confirm Microsoft’s willingness to listen to users’ wishes as much as possible. Exactly as in recent months, in fact, the offer is characterized by a predominance of AAA stocks such as Rice: Son of Rome for Xbox One and Darksiders for Xbox 360, to which are added projects with a lower budget but equally interesting as The Walking Dead: Season 2 for one. Finally, to close the cartel in April, the very good one will take care of it Murderer creed revelationsdownloadable on both consoles from the Redmond house thanks to backwards compatibility.

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Xbox One

Set in the period of chaos that struck at the end of the Roman Empire, in Rice: Son of Rome We will assume the role of the soldier Marius Titus and face an insidious war campaign to avenge the death of our family and defend the honor of Rome. In the Single Player adventure we will face the threat of the barbarians of Great Britain, and we will also be required to visit the harsh English islands to finally put down the revolt. The combat system designed by the guys at Crytek is based on the use of two main weapons, a sword and a shield, with which we will face hand-to-hand combat in a kind of lethal dance consisting of thrusts, dodges and parries: just before a attack directed at our character, in fact, the action will slow down, allowing us to press the corresponding button (from time to time well highlighted graphically) to stop or counterattack, which will then be followed by a brutal and bloody assault on our part. Once the story is over, players will also be able to cooperate with each other to defeat the hordes of barbarians in the Colosseum, earning the glory of Rome and entertaining the audience to the best of their ability. Winning the favor of the crowd will allow you to get higher scores and greater rewards, and thanks to the latter you will be able to buy new weapons or armor for your character. Rice: Son of Rome is free to download on Xbox One from April 1 through April 30.

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Sequel to the famous and acclaimed Telltale graphic adventure, The Walking Dead: Season 2 summarizes the story of Clementine, a girl orphaned by the zombie apocalypse that decimated the human population of the planet. Left to fend for herself, Clem was forced to survive in a ruthless world with no respect for the few lives she had left, but on her journey she met new survivors, explored new places, and made horrible choices. Players will experience the point of view of the young protagonist in a total of five episodes, and in each of them they will be asked to make decisions and follow paths that will always influence the course of the adventure in a different way, and thanks to a special tool that they will carry in the recent third season.

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Xbox 360

Darksiders is an exceptional action game released on Xbox 360 7 years ago, and also available to download on One from April 1 to 15. Players will take on the role of War, the first Knight of the Apocalypse who is deceived by the forces of evil into ending the world beforehand, and accused of having violated the sacred laws by starting the war between ****. and paradise. In the ensuing massacre, the demonic forces defeated the celestials and took over the Earth, and it will be War who returns the situation to normal. Hunted by some Avenging Angels, in fact, War will face the forces of the underworld, make alliances with the demons he hunts and will venture through the devastated remains of the Earth in search of the truth and revenge against those who have deceived him.

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Third and last chapter of the «Ezio Trilogy», Murderer creed revelations will lead Florence’s Master Assassin east on the trail of the Assassins’ lost library. The protagonist will retrace the footsteps of legendary mentor Altair on a journey of danger and revelation to the beautiful city of Constantinople, where a growing army of Templars threatens to destabilize the region. In addition to the captivating story of Ezio, arguably the most beloved assassin in the series, in Murderer creed revelations Meet both co-star Desmond Miles in the present day and a refined and expanded online multiplayer arena with additional modes, maps and characters, allowing you to test your skills against opponents from around the world. Murderer creed revelations will be available to download for free on Xbox 360 and One from April 16 to 30.

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Complete list of news

Xbox One
Ryse: Son of Rome – April 1-30
The Walking Dead: Season 2 – April 16-30

Xbox One and 360
Darksiders – April 1 to 15
Assassin’s Creed Revelations – April 16-30