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  7. GameStop adds three key figures from Amazon, Chewy and Walmart to its staff

GameStop adds three key figures from Amazon, Chewy and Walmart to its staff

GameStop adds three key figures from Amazon, Chewy and Walmart to its staff

GameStop’s renewal also involves hiring three key figures from Amazon, Chewy and Walmart within its staff.

Originally, before becoming a trend on Google, the tug-of-war between Reddit and investment funds such as Melvin Capital and Citron Research was based on a different vision of GameStop as a company. If the big investment funds are convinced they are dealing with a new Blockbuster, retail investors, convinced by the theories of the youtuber Roaring Kitty, think that the company has the potential to transform itself into an online sales giant. They are convinced of this mainly because Ryan Cohen bought 13% of the shares of GameStop and promised to compete with Amazon. Cohen brought several with him key figures Chewy, the pet food distribution company he turned into a billionaire multinational. But it has also recently intercepted some key figures from the likes of Amazon, QVC and Walmartthanks to which to transform the core business of GameStop.

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Matt Francis, for example, he will be the company’s new Chief Technology Officer. In this way, Cohen put the former Chief Engineer of Amazon Web Services at the service of GameStop, in order to create a modern e-commerce platform capable of competing in a highly competitive market. Francis has also previously worked at QVC and Zulily.

The second key figure is Kelli Durkin, who will be the Senior Vice President of Customer Care. Durkin held a similar role at Chewy, where he helped make the company a favorite with customers. At GameStop Durkin will have the task of improving the company’s customer service, as well as creating engagement initiatives.

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The latest new entry is Josh Krueger, who will be the Vice President of Fulfillment. Krueger has held senior roles in the same fund at Amazon, Walmart and QVC. In GameStop Krueger will manage the supply chain of the e-commerce centers of the chain.

These three entrances in the chain of command have pushed the GameStop stock to grow on the stock market, after the collapse of recent days. Here we try to take stock of the situation on Gamestop, Reddit and the Short Squeeze.