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Ghost in the Sheet – Review

Ghost in the Sheet – Review

A graphic adventure made by two people. Are you sure you are in 2007?

The adventure takes place all inside the factory. The locations to visit are few and the variety is hidden, even if, despite everything, it is undeniable that the construction of the puzzles and of the story manages to keep the interest high for the whole game.
The interface is atypical for the genre: no inventory and no multi-use cursor. That is, the cursor exists but by itself it only allows you to examine objects, talk to characters and nothing else. To perform the various actions necessary to unravel the puzzles you need to use one of the ghost’s powers, stacked in the upper left corner of the screen. These are not all available immediately, but must be acquired during the game. At first you will only have the power of telekinesis, but soon you will be able to push objects, throw electric shocks and gusts of wind, eavesdrop on the words of spirits, make sounds to communicate with monsters and so on up to a total of eight powers . The more powers are unlocked, the more, of course, the situation gets complicated, especially since the game environment has to be explored from top to bottom several times and you have to continually go back and forth between the main locations trying to figure out what to do.

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to recommend the purchase, you have to ask the reader to overlook a whole series of obvious problems

The puzzles are all pretty classic: doors to open, buttons to press in sequence, items to repair, and so on. Nothing revolutionary, even if the use of spectral powers at least makes what would otherwise be the usual soup more interesting. There are also a couple of sub-games of which the first, made lily, consists in crushing mice inside the warehouse of the factory; you have to grab a stone and, looking at the floor from above, synchronize to be able to peck the poor little animals. The second is, however, better also because it is more integrated into the plot. Trying not to reveal anything to you, we tell you that it is a test of logic in which you have to be able to make the protagonist escape from something that threatens him. The whole chase is displayed on a schematic map of the factory, on which the player and the “menace” take turns moving to one of the rooms adjacent to the one they are in. The aim is to never let them find them in the same room at the same time, but managing to bring the ghost protagonist into the basement.

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Ghost in the Sheet it has the tones of a black comedy permeated by a strong irony. Stylistically, a very precise choice has been made, with the game locations represented in a realistic and cold way (after all it is a dilapidated factory), while the narrative sequences are entrusted to comics with a questionable style; that is, they are immature both in the stroke and in the representation, despite some good intuition such as the choice of never exceeding in baroqueisms and of maintaining a homogeneous style from start to finish with strong contrasts and very clear lines. The same ambivalence can be found in the narrative which at times is well conducted while in some cases it is ruined by bad choices, evidently the result of little experience. The story is still interesting, despite the fact that some of the dialogues are rather childish and present excessive redundancies.
The sound is composed of some well-made but rather anonymous sound effects (doors that open in the distance, strange lines of indefinite creatures and so on) while the few music present are nothing exceptional.

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Playing at Ghost in the Sheet you realize the effort made by the developers to achieve something good even with a very limited budget. The result is excellent, if you take into account the level of production and the amount of people who worked on it. Of course, if you start with the idea of ​​wanting something technically revolutionary, forget it. Obviously the game is full of all those defects highlighted in the article, to which must be added a not exactly exciting longevity which, as in all adventures, varies according to the speed you use to solve the different puzzles. For our part, we would like to recommend it if you are passionate about point and click graphic adventures and if you want to try something extremely relaxing, especially after the FPS binge we have done in recent months.

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Little remains to be said about Ghost in the Sheet. Keep it in mind if it meets your tastes and if you are passionate about graphic adventures. Feeling sympathy for smaller productions can also help in accepting some of the inevitable limitations it carries with it. Others may as well look elsewhere.

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Ghost in the Sheet is available for PC.

Ghost in the Sheet it’s the game you don’t expect at a time like this. Surrounded by triple-A giants sporting ultra-pumped graphics engines, fake ******* and sparkling platitudes, what does a tiny little graphic adventure made by two people and occupying only 300MB on hard drive want to achieve? Come on, let’s not joke. It is unlikely that such a production will be able to shed some light on the obese and bloated Christmas blockbusters. But luck favors the bold so why not try?
It is difficult to write this article. The premise has been written at least ten times. It is that on the one hand there is the sympathy for a project that has the flavor of the dawn of the videogame medium, when the games were developed by a single person or by very small teams. Accustomed to making previews and reviewing products that boast teams of dozens (if not hundreds) of people, it makes you smile when thinking about the credits of Ghost in the Sheet where only two names appear. On the other hand, however, it cannot be denied that, in order to recommend the purchase, you must ask the reader to overlook a whole series of obvious problems that we will underline in the article.
But let’s get to the game: a man dies of a car accident and becomes a ghost. He is recruited by an unidentified being to find out what happened inside a factory on earth, from which the souls of the dead seem to pass. The “boss” places a sheet on the ghost (hence the title of the game) telling him not to remove it for any reason, on pain of definitive death. Arriving on the spot, the nameless neo-ghost (he simply calls himself Ghost in the Sheet… which is also a rather vulgar play on words, you just need to understand a little English to realize it) will find it completely destroyed and turned off. The workers are all (or almost) dead and the walls are full of signs relating to ladybugs. Of course, it will be up to him (and us) to uncover the mysteries behind this chaos.