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Ghost Master – Memoirs from Gravenville

Ghost Master – Memoirs from Gravenville

A creak in the wardrobe, a faint breath of air that touches our face and that strange feeling of being observed when we are alone … If you have always thought that ghosts are pure fantasy, from today you will change your mind. Guaranteed. An advice? Start running !!

The management, you know, have always been a bit indigestible to the majority of gamers. Motivation that, except for sporadic cases, has often relegated them to a corner of electronic entertainment, from which, however, they are almost always saved by large circles of true fans. The Sims, the latest success in chronological order, is a prime example of this. On the other hand, raising and raising a child in the best possible way or settling furious family quarrels not for everyone can be so fascinating and fun, or at least this is what the brains of Empire Interactive must have thought. Much better, they must have told themselves, to lock up people of all ages in houses and condominiums and, just to keep them from getting bored, terrify them to death thanks to large groups of angry ghosts. This, in a few lines, is the idea behind Ghost Master. The real novelty, however, lies in the fact that you will not have to run away from your ectoplasmic pursuers, because it so happens that, this time, you yourselves will become the ethereal and incorporeal protagonists. You got it right: you and only you, in ghostly clothes, with cunning and sagacity, will have to do your best to quickly get rid of noisy and boring human beings and to fully enjoy every room of your home. Simple, don’t you think? Um … in reality things are not quite in these terms. In fact, if you think that a simple howl will be enough to achieve the desired effect, you are off track. In its conceptual simplicity, Ghost Master fully respects the key elements of management, namely strategy and reasoning. To drive away young maidens or freckled brats, you will have to plan every move, cooperating often and willingly with the other ghosts nearby and thus avoiding that they, the living, can recover from the fright and regroup. However, certain factors will complicate matters further, such as the temporal one, which will force you to finish some missions in a certain period of minutes, or the intellectual one, which will test the freshness of your neurons by proposing various riddles and puzzles. to solve. In any case, do not worry too much: the programmers of the Spiral House have done a great job, distributing the game commands on the Sony controller in a simple and intuitive way at the same time. Forget therefore cumbersome operations with the mouse and keyboard, since there will be no need: a button to select the desired ghost, another to move it into the game area, another to make it carry out the given order. What more do you want from life? No, don’t say it. It would be hidden advertising …

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If from a gameplay point of view Ghost Master it turned out to be a pleasant surprise, but not so in terms of technical implementation. Today’s consoles have accustomed us to amazing quality standards and the difference between a masterpiece and a production so-so can be seen instantly. Unfortunately, the game in question falls into the second category and the graphics turn out to be its Achilles heel. Elementary, bare, poor in details. This is the visual impact and as if that weren’t enough, a hideous yet depressing aliasing effect constantly permeates the different levels, peppering them with flickering jagged edges. In the 128-bit era it is difficult to see such things… The chromatic range chosen to color the textures takes care of the situation: fresh, lively, full of pastel colors, it gives kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms a very cartoonish and cartoonish look. Our illusions, however, will soon be nullified thanks to the coarse animations of the characters, especially the human ones, with rigid and clumsy movements. The thing is less pronounced with regard to the ghosts, but it is only due to the fact that these, except when they travel from one room to another, will remain totally static for long periods of time. Note of merit, however, to the audio sector: the music that accompanies the opening theme and the selection menus are really pleasant and catchy, in tune with the joker spirit of the game. On the other hand, the sound effects, especially the frightened cries of the fair ***, are criticizable, very similar to those emitted by a pig about to be slaughtered. In short, it is a shame to admit it, but if the same attention paid to the game mechanics had also been applied to graphics and audio, Ghost Master he would certainly have had a better chance of success. Which, however, we sincerely wish him.

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Ultimately, despite the graphic defects indicated, Ghost Master brings unexpected as well as opportune gusts of innovation and originality into the field of management, giving a jolt to the monotony and complexity of much more authoritative productions. Furthermore, the large number of missions to be completed and their relative difficulty will keep us busy for several hours, increasing the longevity of a title which, once understood and metabolized, will be able to give pleasant, witty (and witty) evenings with friends or family. . At the very least, rental is recommended.

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Raise your hand if you have never seen a movie or read a book starring the ghosts. Or ghosts, if you prefer. Or ectoplasm, if that sounds better to you. In short, those invisible entities that, according to rumors, usually choose to dwell in old castles with ancient splendor or within the walls of now abandoned cemeteries. There are those who swear to have seen them pass through doors and walls, as elusive and silent as cats, and there are those who, to celebrate carnival revels, try to imitate them by putting a white sheet with holes on their heads … One thing is certain: spirits and sprites they have always been part of the collective imagination and have often made the economic fortune of particularly creative and talented writers and directors who have been able to make them excellent protagonists both on paper and on celluloid. Since videogame entertainment has become a mass phenomenon (i.e. a few years now), even the software houses have well thought of exploiting the world of the afterlife, and its relative inhabitants, to create that Survival / Horror vein that it has been so successful and that it sees the most representative models in productions such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill. However, the ghosts do not always want to see us dead or decide to kidnap our three-year-old daughter happily sitting in front of the TV. There are times when, more simply, they want to stay calm on their own business, take a nap on the sofa in the living room or spend carefree on the porch swing. Yes, but how to reconcile these good intentions with the annoying, unpleasant, irritating presence of those spoilers of human beings? A dilemma to which the British Empire Interactive has decided to give a solution by creating Ghost Master, one of the most out of line management systems of recent times. Do you want to become ghosts too? Well, then we explain what you need to do.