Ghost of Tsushima evaluated in Australia: details on the content

While doubts remain over Ghost of Tsushima’s release date, the Australian Classification Board, the Oceanic country’s classification body that is in charge of classifying games coming out on the local market, has put the new and anticipated new game under their scrutiny. Sucker Punch work.

From the table visible at the bottom, it appears that in Ghost of Tsushima the characters will not use drugs and they will not be immortalized in *** scenes. However, there will be partial nudity, strong language, and above all, high impact violence causing the Australian Classification Board to lean towards an MA 15+ (restricted) assessment. However, the stock is yet to be rated in North America and Europe. The ESRB, despite having given it an M rating (intended for a mature audience), has not yet published the official description, while the PEGI has not even registered it in its public database.

Ghost of Tsushima officially expected Exclusive to PlayStation 4 for June 26, 2020. However, some clues seem to suggest a possible postponement: on the Canadian PlayStation Store, for example, the date has been changed to August 1. Until an official communication arrives, we will continue in any case waiting for Sucker Punch’s work for the date initially released.

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