Ghost of Tsushima | Job vacancy indicates that game is on a tight deadline


Ghost of Tsushima shows that, even as we approach the end of its life, the PlayStation 4 still has many great titles and a lot to show us. We had few details, nor did we receive any indication as to when the title of the Sucker Punch could be launched.

However, a recent job listing posted by the developers may suggest that the game may not be doing so well in development. A narrative writer’s listing suggests that most of the game’s writing has yet to be done, while the repeated mention of completing work on “tight deadlines” also makes it clear that the studio may be looking for someone fast to work on. game in order to release within a reasonable time.

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In the announcement we have the responsibilities part, such as writing “high quality dialogue on tight deadlines”, writing entire missions for an open world title, as well as contributing to secondary narrative areas of the game, such as dialogue, or writing for marketing material. The job advertisement also mentions that the candidate must have the “ability to present, write, iterate and proofread the work on tight deadlines”.

Even without knowing the release date, it seems that Ghost of Tsushima is experiencing deadline problems.

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