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Ghost of Tsushima, reader comments

Ghost of Tsushima, reader comments

Will the latest big Sony exclusive on PlayStation 4, Ghost of Tsushima, have convinced fans? Find out with us!

People murmur is a monthly column dedicated to the most successful games, told from the point of view of the public. To review after some time and with a different eye the reviews and comments in the heat, and laugh a bit about it.

Time of votes also for Ghost of Tsushima, the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive. The press has positively judged Sucker Punch’s latest effort, even if there was no shortage of very heated criticisms. In particular, it seems that the secondary quests have been disappointed, to be forgotten, and the combat system, which has aroused more than a few criticisms due to the lack of locks on enemies, which makes everything too “slippery”. In our review we defined Ghost of Tsushima “a classic open world that tries to insert some excellent finds in a genre in which, however, it is not the brightest representative. A video game that a few years ago would have easily deserved a vote of full excellence and which today is unable to do so only because it is inserted in a saturated context “, to be approached without exaggerated expectations, as if it were to be the title of” life “.
And how did our readers react? Let’s read it.

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On our site the discussions have been numerous and harsh under the review of Ghost of Tsushima: but in the comments it seems to have prevailed a certain skepticism and a certain basic disappointment for the game among several readers. At the beginning, in reality, the tones of the interventions seem enthusiastic and dedicated to the video game, with the user Drake Weaver who seems full of expectations about it, so as to write “an open world among the atmospheres evocative of Feudal Japan is a dream come true for me. ”Even Dakkar seems fulfilled, at least from the review: “yet another must have from Sony, good and full speed ahead with ps5!”.

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On the same wavelength the opinion of Dissonanza, who in fact writes: “It is useless to be here to make the plank of the exclusives that Sony has produced in this extraordinary Gen, but if after 7 years from the launch despite stradomini on the market you make available to your users within a month The Last Of Us and this title (which many had guessed was a great game) you are earned closed-box buying for the next generation as well. We are not talking about sequels of brands with a famous name, here in 7 years we have risked numerous new IPs and all of excellent quality. Well done so you work! An example for this industry, as a consumer I feel Respected“.

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But the discussion immediately turns to quality of the review, which does not seem to find the approval of Il professore scassone. He has no doubts: “I stopped reading when comparing with the last of us 2, really insane since the two games have only exclusivity in common, I read the rece of other sites at this point”. Judgment that finds the support of other users, and in fact here comes the opinion by Suigetsu92, who can’t understand why some comparisons: “nothing against Greg but it’s a really bad review to read. review where you mention other products to try to simplify a concept or just to compare it with other products (of other genres by the way) it is useless, and it does it 3 times: the last of us 2, days gone and sekiro ” .

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Returning to the game itself, one of the central themes of the discussions was, as anticipated at the beginning, the question of missions secondary a little too monotonous and uninteresting. Wake the **** up, Samurai, on the subject. We have a city to burn! it is quite clear: “Too bad for the gameplay, the empty world (albeit beautiful) and the lack of variety of activities. A game that deserves more for the” love letter to Japan “component than for being a masterpiece, and personally in spite of me be a super lover of these things I am hesitant in saying that the game is worthwhile for that alone or that it is a flawless masterpiece. A game to be recovered for granted or in the future on ps5 “.

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Thought shared by PliskiN96: “I agree with you. As a sony owner here I see a clear attempt to justify the purchase of a game enough to 70 euros. Now the herd quotation has started “just compare everything to tlou2” when the two games, however different from each other, are both developed with the hands. There is little to say, tsushima had already revealed itself for what it is from the state of play a few months ago and there is no philosopher that can hold up against the 5-year-old gameplay and narrative mediocre. But hey, “I spent seventy euros so now I have to convince myself that I didn’t waste my money and then seek the consent of others.”

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On the same wavelength the opinion of Chuck Norris, who in fact writes: “It seems to me the umpteenth opportunity wasted, be it through negligence, incompetence, superficiality, lack of experience or simple naivety… The saddest thing is that those defects are now “congenital” of the genre, see poor AI, seemingly unlimited freedom of action but then reduced to almost zero, improved combat system, forgettable or repetitive quests, narrative plot dull … Most open worlds are nothing but beautiful worlds, at least on the outside, filled with nothing. With the exception of a few, such as Zelda Botw or Rdr2, they are now giving the nausea … “.

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“Ultimately it is exactly the title that was expected or an enjoyable and pleasant openworld that does not excel in anything except in the graphic / artistic sector”, is the thought of GAME OVER, while callsaul calls Multiplayer.it: “editorial, I would like to understand how an assassins creed odyssey or origins that have a narrative mediocre how much this ghost, but have a combat system and obscene animations, an art direction and a technical sector lower than this title, can they have a higher rating? Ok for the story and the storytelling, but at least from what you can see this seems to be from another planet … “.

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In closing, the comments relating to the vote of the review are not to be missed. The Guardian, accuses our reviewer of having no sentiment: “I’ll take the game, if only for the whim to play an open world in a Japanese setting, however this review does not give me so much hope, especially if I consider that the vote is inconsistent with the very severe content of the reviews and that it signals defects quite serious. That is, criticize the plot, criticize the gameplay, criticized AI and quest design and then you give him 8? PS The same goes for AC and company, so don’t tell me “eh but the other titles have them too”. But for Joel. not so, and indeed the title would have deserved a higher rating, “a nice 9, also for the effort made by Sucker Punch, and a new IP that we are talking about”.

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“But in fact, from what is written in the review to be good deserved a 7, but even less”, says alibanan, while Heaven’s A Lie can’t understand the way in which the ratings are given: “in death stranding there were the same gaps and beyond, especially on the gameplay side, but a 9.2 magically came out of it. There is too much stuff not directly related to the quality of the games it affects, like who is behind the development, the release time, the involvement emotional (which concretely means everything and nothing) therefore a result is discrepancy total in the evaluations that puts many off the road “. And we close to play down with the intervention of Jo Condor, who writes:” However, we may not like it .. But really, those who complain because they took “only” 8 ha a great face ***. “Amen.