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Ghost of Tsushima: what we know so far

Ghost of Tsushima: what we know so far

In light of the chaos of the last few days, let’s recap what details are known so far regarding Ghost of Tsushima

In recent days Ghost of Tsushima has been talked about in various ways: first with a series of succulent new details regarding the gameplay and the open world of the Sucker Punch title, subsequently with the denial of OPM regarding the obsolescence of this information based on interviews in 2018, or shortly after the official announcement of the title. To make some order, therefore, let’s recap what we know for sure so far regarding the title out (for now confirmed) next June 26.

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Ghost of Tsushima will take you to Tsushima Island in 1274, during the first Mongol invasion of Japan by Khotun Khan (the fictional equivalent of Kublai Khan). The player will take on the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai trained according to the rules of the way of the warrior, the Bushido, by his uncle and mentor Shimura. However, what will lead Jin towards the dark path of the ghost (to become the Ghost of Tsushima) will be the terrible encounter with the military power of the Mongols during the landing on the beaches of the Japanese island.

Survived the clash and the massacre of his clan therefore, the path of the young Samurai will cross that of the sword and blood that from the shadow brings dark vengeance and silent death, the path of a Ronin without a master who follows the only law of his blade. . From what is known, the young man will know some allies during his adventure (we do not know at this point if there really will be a cause / effect system with them, but it is very likely that this will not happen) who will help and advise him during all the way. So far we know of the existence of Masako, a female samurai, the monk Ippei and a woman known only by the English definition of The High Priestess (we could venture a literal adaptation “the high priestess”).

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On a narrative level, the last known detail is that as the player spreads the myth of the ghost of Tsushima through his deeds behind enemy lines, Jin will also become aesthetically increasingly distant from the loyal classic style of the Samurai of the time. , coming to wear that famous Oni mask already glimpsed in more and more trailers.

At the level of gameplay instead, we know that the game will be divided into two large macro sections linked to the ambivalent soul of the young man, which will lead the player to have two distinct styles to master. The first is linked to Jin’s past: his years as a Samurai. Thanks to his training with his uncle Shimura, Jin knows how to master the art of dueling and the sword, thus being able to count on knowledge in terms of face-to-face confrontation that will allow you to fight in situations of numerical disadvantage.

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The second way is that relating to the way of the ghost instead, more stealth and linked to the elimination of large gatherings of enemies. Here the player will be able to rely on silent kills, on a grappling hook to climb otherwise insurmountable obstacles and on a series of gadgets that can distract enemies. These gadget such as smoke bombs, poison darts, flaming arrows and so on, they can be used both to increase their chances during sneaking, and in fighting to have an alternative solution in critical situations. Staying tied to mechanics like the grappling hook, we know that horizontal but also vertical exploration will be central to the game. On horseback, on foot or with the grappling hook, the player will explore the length and breadth of the island of Tsushima.

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Sucker Punch has always been attentive to the mechanics open world since the dawn of his journey as a software house and therefore, for what is known so far, the desire to propose a central exploration in the playful ecosystem of Ghost of Tsushima is strong in the Bellevue development house.

At the current state of writing, the official information does not deny the absence of waypoints in the exploration; it is therefore very likely that we are faced with a Minimalist HUD, essential, which does not include the total absence of classic indicators but which provides the possibility for the player to have partial indications on the screen to be displayed when you have the feeling of being lost. The idea of ​​an innovation in the open world is, however, a matter very dear to Sucker Punch, therefore we are confident of finding news in this area.

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The last known aspect of Ghost of Tsushima so far is the historical reliability, both in terms of setting and reproduction of the fights. Sucker Punch has studied the Japanese thirteenth century in depth and, despite not wanting to reproduce a carbon copy of historical events (there will be situations, characters and places artfully created for the unfolding of the narrative) will insert a strong cultural quotation within the structure of the villages, of the behaviors of the secondary characters and in the environmental outline around the events of the young Jin.

To also increase the immersion, the Washington state development house hired an expert sword master to recreate, especially in the fighting, a series of animations and tangible coherences with what happened in 1274. Finally, the presence of Shigeru Umebayashi as regards the artistic direction of the sound sector, an extremely important element for Ghost of Tsushima in order to always stimulate immersion.

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After a series of roller coasters regarding the details of Ghost of Tsushima, these are the ones known so far about the title. Even in light of the events of the corona virus and The Last of Us part II we do not know if the title will actually respect the release date or will be postponed for a few months as the Canadian PlayStation Store suggests, in any case, however, the story of Jin Sakai has a all its charm that intrigues us a lot.