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Ghost Recon 2: Advanced Warfighter

Ghost Recon 2: Advanced Warfighter

As a natural extension of Ubisoft to the mobile world, Gameloft could only have the task of creating a mobile version of Ghost Recon 2: Advanced Warfightera very successful tactical shooter on Xbox360 and which is transformed here – as if by magic – into a two-dimensional action game …

Everything can be said about Gameloft but not that it is not at ease in developing 2D mobile games, and this Ghost Recon 2: Advanced Warfighter is no exception, starting with an undoubtedly good level of graphics: the scenarios, well defined and fairly detailed, are framed by a bird’s eye view, while the sprites are quite generous in size and animated properly. In short, everything fits perfectly into Gameloft quality standards, without any particular acute or demerits. An evaluation that could easily be extended to the gameplay of the product, certainly enjoyable although far from being original or particularly profound. As in the original for Xbox360, here too the user plays the role of Captain Mitchell, leader of the special team Ghost, who is granted 72 hours to annihilate a fringe of Mexican extremists intent on crossing the border and massacres American civilians.

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For this mobile version, Gameloft has preferred to abandon the aspects related to team management, leaving all the tasks in the hands of Mitchell alone: ​​the only (sporadic) appearances of fellow soldiers controlled by the CPU are little more than a formality, and do not affect the progress of the game. The control system is very simple and functional, with eight keys for movement in as many directions, the ‘5’ delegated to fire and “https://multiplayer.it/recensions/#” used to throw the grenades. The heart of the experience is obviously represented by the shootings, which however are covered with a thin layer of tactics: it is therefore necessary to move from one cover to another and take out the enemies in the most stealth way possible, since a head down approach it only leads to a premature game over. Both the aiming and the exploitation of the shelters are managed automatically, so the user only has to identify the correct places to stand and shoot at the targets with the right timing. The variety that is actually lacking in such a playful structure is partially compensated by quite diversified scenarios and some sections on board a tank that break the canonical game action. Fun if a little repetitive, Ghost Recon 2: Advanced Warfighter it can be frustrating at times, on some occasions in which the identification of the coverage points is particularly difficult and you are forced to start over from the checkpoint, but in general it is a more than discreet action game.