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Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the proven Ghost War mode

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, the proven Ghost War mode

Ghost Recon Breakpoint comes out in a delicate moment of the market. Will the new Ghost War mode be enough to set him apart from other competitive shooters?

With the current generation nearing its final stages, and some of the most powerful blockbusters coming in late 2019 and early 2020, there’s certainly no shortage of shooters. These are still titles that sell great, to the point that it would be almost unnatural not to see them in such a busy period of releases. It is not a battlefield where you can easily dominate, in short, but to Ubisoft however, they did not lose heart and took advantage (cunningly) of the tired period at the beginning of October to enter the war without being overwhelmed by more fierce competitors than ever. The title chosen to raise the flag of the French giant is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpointand although its series of belonging cannot boast the resonance of other historical names, it can certainly have its say thanks to a slower and more tactical formula than the competition, and a new mode called Ghost War. We had the chance to test it during the Gamescom of Cologne, and in this article we will try to understand with you how many possibilities it has to impose itself on the panorama.

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Ghost War is a rather atypical mode, which seems to be inspired more by the most successful shooter than Ubisoft itself (we obviously speak of Rainbow Six Siege) than to the rest of the genus. It is in fact a four against four designed to emphasize team play as much as possible, with a very precise ping system even for casual matches – remember that of Apex Legends, thanks also to the ability to immediately indicate the enemy’s position during precision aiming – and mechanics that all revolve around perfect positioning management and the prudent use of the skills of each class. The only discount made to “mass” shooters is represented by the presence of a sort of “eye of the storm“that shrinks at the end of the game in a similar way to what was seen in Battle Royale, but is only due to the fact that, with the ability to bring companions back to life without limitations and really large maps on which to clash, the challenges between skilled teams could last for hours.

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We were talking about classes, however, and there are four available in the game: the doctorL’assaultthe sniper and the Panther, all with customizable loadouts, a unique skill, and specific starter items suitable for specialization. Such abilities may seem overwhelming at first glance – the onslaught becomes more resistant to damage, the medic can bring comrades to his senses from distance with a drone, and so on – but they charge very slowly, and therefore only become really useful in prolonged matches. ; Given the game’s very short time to kill and the presence of essential survival items scattered around the maps, relying too much on your “magic button” can be a serious mistake. In Breakpointin short, it is the basics and the strategy that make the difference, the powers can at best get you out of a single unpleasant situation, or be used to maximize the effectiveness of a specific plan.

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Yes, because here without team communication and map study, very little is done: the new Ghost Recon does not make big discounts when it comes to firefights, and does not guarantee considerable invulnerability thanks to the covers; in order not to die you will have to position your snipers in an elevated position that is not too visible, make sure that the doctors are always on the sidelines of the action in order to intervene in the best possible way, and obtain more information on the movements of the enemies than they have of you. To do this last thing, in particular, i will be very important drones scattered around the map, which in addition to being very difficult to pull down because they are fast, allow you not to be taken by surprise by a possible enemy encirclement. Grenades, syringes to heal damage, and other gadgets placed here and there are just as significant, and require constant movement of your team, thereby dampening the camping.

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It’s a good system, further enhanced by the presence of weather variables that force us to use alternative approaches to day challenges. In the dark, for example, using night vision goggles in buildings can help a lot, but long-range field-of-view limitations prevent snipers from being particularly efficient, so you may want to choose a totally different composition of your squad, even with very good ones. shooting positions available. Nothing particularly original under the sun, for heaven’s sake, but we enjoyed ourselves. The pace is slow but reasoned, the proximity to the atmosphere of Rainbow Six Siege we do not mind at all, and the presence of an internal progression system also related to the PVE (whose balance we will have to carefully evaluate) guarantees a bit of healthy persistence. to the whole. It’s hard to say if it will be enough to create a solid community for the game, but if nothing else, it’s already crystal clear that it’s a pretty good product.