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Ghost Recon. Tom Clancy Strikes Again!

Ghost Recon. Tom Clancy Strikes Again!

Rainbow Six first, then Rogue Spear; when a community-loved franchise hits its third episode, it’s generally either hit rock bottom or hit perfection. Let’s find out with Mauro Licciardello what fate has befallen Ghost Recon, the new chapter (new in every sense) of the most beloved team tactical action.

The Republics of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan were once again annexed to Russia. The project appears as clear as it is crazy. Re-establish the old Soviet empire.
The whole world is wondering if and when war will break out, but this does not apply to us who are secretly engaged in delicate missions.
This is a beautiful and cursed profession. On the one hand we have all the best technologies available, we are the pride of the US military, but on the other hand, when there is a slightest crisis we are the first to go.
Let’s go back to our mission, today in the Caucasus mountains is a splendid day and it seems a shame to waste it to hunt down a rebel. But we are professionals and we have a job to do!

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So we want to help Private Jefferson complete his mission, restore balance to that area of ​​the planet and return home safely, perhaps with his entire team in tow?
Such as? Very simple!
Go to the nearest store that sells video games, buy the new Red Storm effort, Ghost Recon, install it in your trusted PC and start playing!

As attentive readers know, we have always devoted many pages to this game and finally we have a definitive version that we have reviewed for you.
To the laziest of you I can immediately say that we are facing a well-made title that is proposed as one of the sales champions of this intense end of 2001. Are you happy?
Anyway, let’s take a step back and see what Ghost Recon is (although I bet everyone already knows the title in question).

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Everyone knows that masterpiece that is Rainbow Six, the game that invented a genre and that has proven to have an absolutely extraordinary longevity in a very fickle world like that of video games (by the way, expect a review of Rouge Spear Black Thorn the new one in days. Rainbow Six Mission Pack).
Ghost Recon takes its origin from R6, but it does the job in a substantially different way, focusing on different aspects and essentially becoming an innovative game.
The first thing that is evident is the lack of mission planning, so dear to R6 fans.

This is obviously intentional, because in GR we command a handful of soldiers who have to carry out a mission with some information from the intelligence, but nothing more.
The exact location of the enemy forces and their degree of attention are not known. In practice, in GR everything is done in the field, apart from the choice of men and equipment that is made during the Briefing.
One of the innovations introduced concerns the management of our men.
First of all, there are four categories of Soldiers: Shooters, Support Men, Snipers, and Demolitionists. Each of these has a specific armament, which can be changed with other standard configurations.
So there is no opportunity that we were given in R6 to freely choose weapons.
In addition, over the course of the game and based on our achievements, they will be added to the group of Specialists, who have unique characteristics including equipment.

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I haven’t told you yet that like in an RPG, men increase their characteristics as the missions progress, so it seems important to choose the men well from the beginning and avoid any of them being killed.
The characteristics that each soldier possesses are four: Weapon, Stealth, Resistance and Command. I think their meaning seems clear enough.

Although the events narrated in GR take place in the near future, all the weapons and in general the whole background is centered on a shocking realism.
So be careful not to make noise, to use silent weapons and to move stealthily.
What drove me crazy is the reproduction of atmospheric conditions, which border on perfection.
From rain to wind (you should see the treetops sway) everything is reproduced in minimum terms and thanks to the complicity of the exceptional sound department and the beautiful and great levels, the feeling of being there is all there.

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So if you are used to jumping with a grenade launcher in hand and killing enemies, this is the least suitable game for you.
Here we crawl through the vegetation, take aim calmly and try not to make mistakes, because attracting the attention of a group of Russian soldiers can be harmful to our health.
The interface has substantially changed, on the one hand we still do not see the weapon, but on the other we have a very useful command screen, which with disarming simplicity, allows us to give orders to our three action groups.
Actually there is also the opportunity to play in tactical mode, choosing to command our troops from the outside, but personally I prefer to crawl in the mud with my action mates.
There are no longer even the famous GO commands. Here you have to do everything on the fly, in reality it is always possible to coordinate an action, but it is done in a slightly different way thanks to the use of the Stop and Movement commands.
An important innovation concerns the Threat indicator, which is represented by a disc placed in the center of the interface and which indicates which side the danger is coming from, also using colors to provide a more precise indication. Its usefulness is revealed to those who find the game very difficult and can only see the threats when they find themselves with a hole in the forehead. Obviously it is possible to exclude this function for multiplayer games.

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I conclude this paragraph by reminding you of the excellent interface system, which allows a wide customization of the commands and the possibility of reviewing and saving the action thanks to a powerful replay function.

The Singleplayer experience is mainly composed of a robust campaign mode, which will see us busy with 15 missions all carried out in the Eastern theater of operations.
Once a mission has been successfully completed, we can also replay it in rapid mode (as it also happened with R6) in three different ways: Mission, Clash and Reconnaissance.
Each mission is preceded by an exhaustive briefing, where the objectives of the mission and any difficulties we will encounter are shown.

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For all modes it is possible to choose the level of difficulty, among the three proposed. This ensures a good level of challenge, also because the AI ​​behaves quite realistically.
The missions are of various types, ranging from the elimination of targets, to the capture of important people (or their release), but also patrol and protection missions of NATO units.
Then there is IGOR, the great and functional mission editor provided in the game. Really a round of applause to Red Storm for the realization of this Tool which proves to be one of the best in the sector.
We can bet that in a short time there will be many more missions available on the network.
Obviously the management of the Mods within the game is implemented in a simple and efficient way.
Multiplayer plans to play games in LAN, but above all clashes via the Internet thanks to the Ubi.com portal, after having completed the ritual registration.
It is possible to choose between three game modes: Team, Cooperative and Solo, and for each of these there are sub-modes, which significantly expand the range of choices.

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An interesting feature of GR’s Multiplayer is that it is possible to enter the game too has begun, obviously you have to wait for the round to end, but immediately after we have access to operations. Unlike the SinglePlayer, we can choose all the equipment we want (provided that the appropriate option has been activated in the game server).
The games are almost always centered on stealth and shooting from afar. I remind you that one shot and it is the creator, so the tactic of the kamikaze who fires left and right here does not pay.

Meanwhile, I remind you that the version we tested is wonderfully localized, and then let’s face it: Ghost Recon is a nice game. Indeed it is a great game!
I bet there will soon be a lot of communities about the game, as has happened with Rainbow Six.

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Good graphics, great atmosphere, and great gameplay for a written hit.
What else to say?
Nothing go get your copy of Ghost Recon and happy hunting !!
Oh I forgot, the defects? Maybe just two. The first is due to the impossibility of driving vehicles, the second to the lack of voice chat.

My name is Vernon Jefferson and I am a soldier of Company D, precisely of the 5th group of the 1st Battalion.
The team I belong to and what some call the Elite, the best of the best, we are the Special Forces, the famous Ghosts.
Today I am, together with my companions, near Tbilisi in Georgia to capture a certain Bakur Papashvili, a rebel leader who is camped near the Caucasus Mountains.
Ever since the ultra-nationalist radicals took power in Russia, there has been incredible tension throughout the area.