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GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta: trial, analysis and information

GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta: trial, analysis and information

We have tested for a long time the beta 2.0 of GOG Galaxy, the client for the CD Projekt digital delivery platform. Here are our impressions and a long video on how it works.

After a truly surprising announcement, the guys from CD Projekt have finally decided to invite us into the beta of the awaited and super promising GOG Galaxy version 2.0, the downloadable client of the digital delivery service. Although at the moment several features are still missing, some of which are fundamental in my opinion, the new GOG Galaxy seems to have all the credentials to offer that single hub capable of managing all the various platforms of digital delivery with a single software.

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First of all, version 2.0 still lacks one exit date. Given its stability and practically flawless functioning, I am quite convinced that we will see it distributed to the public within a few weeks but, at the moment, the only way to try it is to register on the official website and hope to receive, sooner or later , an invitation from the GOG team. At that point, just download the new executable and the installation will take the place of the classic version 1.2 of GOG Galaxy if you have it installed on your system, or you will end up with the brand new client.

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As soon as the program is started, the first thing that catches the eye is the global rethinking of theinterface which completely abandons the clear and clean tones of the previous version, to leave room for a sort of dark mode which is so fashionable in this period. Dark interface focused on shades of gray with light writing and a lot of space dedicated to the packshots of the various titles, whether they are those available locally installed on your hard disk or those that can be consulted directly on the GOG store which, at the moment, still maintains the clear design, as if it hadn’t been updated. Or maybe it is a precise choice of CD Projekt which, in this way, can clearly distinguish the online store from the rest of the interface.

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As a result of this radical change in style, GOG Galaxy 2.0 now tends to be very reminiscent of NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience software, particularly for the display screen. owned games. Obviously the detail visible when clicking on the single game is different since the NVIDIA program is focused on the management of the settings while Galaxy aims to show objectives, activities and possibly characteristics of that game if the navigation is taking place on the store, but the hit d general eye is very similar.

However, there are three features of version 2.0 of GOG Galaxy that have amazed and teased the public since its announcement and obviously it is on these aspects that we tried to focus during the test. I’m talking about the unified friends list and the cross-sectional and centralized management of objectives and activities.

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Currently the friends only those of GOG remain managed with a convenient window that is automatically opened in a separate process so that it can be moved at will and managed independently from Galaxy. The new version 2.0 therefore does not allow interacting with close friendships through other digital delivery clients. In reality it is not just a problem of cross-platform chat absent but due to the lack of the possibility to import friends in the GOG Galaxy list.

Regarding targets, statistics and activities, the matter is slightly more complex since the system automatically imports the values ​​of the other platforms that are connected to Galaxy but with a degree of completeness that depends on the compatibility with the service. Among other things, at the moment there seems to be a lack of unification that allows you to compare, for example, the same games on different platforms or even more simply the various types of objectives implemented in different software. From this point of view, the market is now really too fragmented and it will be difficult to reach a univocal and truly transversal solution.

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Going into the detail of the platforms currently supported by GOG Galaxy, what we have been able to notice is the compatibility with all the main clients on the market, with the exception of Battle.net and the Bethesda launcher.

L’integration with Xbox Live it is even labeled as official by CDProjekt, while for Steam, the Epic Store, Origin, Uplay and the PlayStation Network, the plugin is developed by the community but perfectly integrated into the GOG software. Obviously with the exception of the two console platforms, all the others are perfectly supported for what concerns the installation of the games and the inclusion in the library of the games owned but, as I explained a little earlier, the presence of objectives and statistics is fluctuating. For an Uplay that supports stats but not goals, there is the PlayStation Network which does exactly the opposite and the Epic Store which does not support either feature, whereas Origin and Steam implement the complete package. When, in practice, we move on to the management of video games, GOG Galaxy is certainly more efficient, intuitive and immediate. Through the new interface it is a matter of pressing a single button to proceed with the installation or launch of the game and the CD Projekt client will take care of the rest. That is, the start of the reference platform and then the installation or launch procedure of the selected title. Obviously all this can work only and exclusively as long as you have the other clients installed and configured on the PC, under penalty of lengthening the procedure and a few too many errors, but under normal conditions of use, the system works very well. The only current limitation concerns the inability of GOG Galaxy to close the other clients once the game session has ended and also the ability to command their start when Windows is launched. These are advanced features that will still be implemented in the future and that could make the use of Galaxy even more comfortable at the expense of Steam and other software.

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In conclusion, we were very happy with this beta. Although there are many limitations, one above all the lack of cross-platform chat and unified management of friendships, there is no doubt that the guys of CD Projekt have taken a very interesting path that could in the medium and long term make us forget, or at least hide. well, that fragmentation of the PC market that among a thousand clients to install and manage, there is a little bit beginning to break the boxes.

What do you think of it? Have you tried beta 2.0? Did you like it? Or are you looking forward to it? Let me know below in the comments!