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Google Photos receives an excellent search function based on AI Rui Bacelar December 7, 2023

The image and video storage service Google It is, most likely, the best and most practical solution on the market. Largely thanks to the constant improvements that come to applications in Google Photos for Android Is for iOS (iPhone).

What is at stake is the strong possibility that the application will receive a new search function based on the detected face. That is, based on the faces recognized by the AI ​​algorithms present on the platform, we can have a new search filter in the application.

Search based on faces detected by Google Photos

The news was detected by the publication that, while exploring one of the beta versions of the application, in this case for Android, noticed the new search “filter”.

This is a major change in the interface as it will replace one of the icons present in the bottom bar of the application, namely the search icon.

As mentioned in the publication specialized in the system On Android, the Google Photos application could soon receive a new filter and the possibility of advanced search. It will be mediated by artificial intelligence and will recognize similar faces as a new search criterion.

It is important to note that it is currently possible to find albums and selections of photographs grouped by Google Photos itself based on this same criterion. However, so far this is not a function present in the search available to the user.

This fact should change with an update to the application for Android and iOS (iPhone), allowing the use of a specific person’s face as search criteria. That is, find more photos in which that person is also present.

The search function will come to the App for Android and iOS (iPhone)

The new search function within Google Photos will use, as an AI system, the Google Lens engine for rapid recognition not only of objects, as illustrated above, but also of faces in the future.

In other words, taking this AI “brain” and adapting it to find similar faces in our photo catalogs, rather than similar products for sale on the Internet.

In short, it will be an easier way to find a specific person if we already have at least one photograph of their face in our Google Photos collection. At the moment, this function is in the testing phase, available only to a select group of platform users.

That said, we do not have a specific forecast for its arrival. However, if this happens, it should be available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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