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Google Sheets: change chart colors

Google Sheets is a great tool for keeping track of data and viewing it too. Charts, Charts, and More – With Google’s free online program, it’s easier than ever. Or at least it should be. Not all features are always obvious, especially for new users, so here are some tips on how to change the colors of your charts and graphs, along with a few other tips to help you get the most out of your charts.

  1. Right click on your chart and select Chart Style

Contextual menu

Just right-click on the chart you want to edit and select the Chart Style option. A tab titled Chart Editor will open on the right side of your worksheet and you can make changes to your chart.

  1. Find the options you want to change
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Chart style options

There are several things you can redefine: in the Chart Style section you can change the background and border colors of your chart. The other sections will depend on the type of chart you are using. From pie charts and line charts to sparklines and other types of charts, Google Sheets offers several options.

For a pie chart, you can change both the pie border and the pie colors. Just click the dropdown option to select the segment you want and use the color picker to adjust it to what you need. In the title and legend options, you can change the colors of the text, as well as the font options.

  1. Close the graphics editor
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Once you have configured all the options, you can close the editor; your changes are automatically saved. Then you can continue working with your sheet!


Different graphics

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