GTA 6 | Leak talks about history with Narcos, Rio de Janeiro and Vice City


GTA 6 rumors appear regularly. Although none of these details have been officially confirmed by Rockstar, these rumors often awaken the community, and a new “leak” from Grand Theft Auto 6 reveals information about the game’s history, setting and more.

To note, this leak from Grand Theft Auto 6 originates on Reddit, and the user cites his sources as “two friends who are very reliable and have worked at Kotaku and PC Gamer”. Although they also claim to have a “very dear friend who works for Rockstar” who does not deny these details.

To begin with, the leak claims that Grand Theft Auto 6 will follow a single protagonist and its story is “strongly inspired” by the Netflix series, Narcos. To that end, the leak claims that the game’s leader is an “aspiring drug dealer”, and the title follows his rise as a drug dealer to “make connection with major drug dealers” and beyond.

GTA 6 | Leak talks about history with Narcos, Rio de Janeiro and Vice City

This new rumor claims that it will occur in the 1970s and 1980s and will cover several locations. More specifically, the leak suggests that the protagonist starts selling drugs from Vice City to “a new fictional location based in Rio de Janeiro”. It is indicated that these two primary sites will be complemented by “some linear missions” in Liberty City.

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The leak claims that the weather, like hurricanes and floods, is a “heavy focus” for Rockstar with this title. Furthermore, it is said that the buildings and vehicles that populate these cities will change as time progresses in the game, and it also emphasizes that the characters “speak the language they are native to”, which means that there will be heavy legends, particularly in location based in South America.

According to the post, the GTA 6 story will address HIV and immigration, and will contain a fictional view of Fidel Castro. It is also said that a “giant prison” will be part of the game.

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We remember that they are rumors and nothing has been confirmed.

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