Halo Infinite: Razer Announces Themed Peripherals For PC And Xbox


As has happened in the past with other brands (Overwatch, Mass Effect, Destiny 2 and many others), Razer announced its new partnership with Microsoft to bring a series of themed gaming peripherals to the market for PC and Xbox in the coming months Infinite halo.

The announcement was made with a short post on the hardware manufacturer’s official social channels aimed at an audience of gamers and does not contain specific clues as to which products will participate in the initiative. The post also talks about PC and Xbox, suggesting that the incoming peripherals could be compatible with both the next-gen console, Series X, and the One. In any case, taking a look at past collaborations, it’s highly likely that this one. accord bring objects like headphones, keyboards, mouse me floor mats of various sizes. Instead, Razer is unlikely to announce dedicated controllers to exclusive Micorsoft, as the Redmond giant will almost certainly produce a limited version of the shooter-inspired Xbox Series X platform.

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While waiting for the products in question to be revealed, we remind you that the memes about Craig the Brute from Halo Infinite are becoming popular on social networks.

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