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How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch

How to Add Friends on Nintendo Switch


Games are more fun when played with friends. On Nintendo Switch, you will need to add someone to your friends list before you can play with them. Here’s how to send and receive friend invites on Switch.

How to Add a Friend on Nintendo Switch

There are two ways to add a friend on Nintendo Switch: send a friend request using someone’s friend code, or accept a friend request that is sent to you. Also, you can search for friends locally via Bluetooth.

Once you have added a friend to the Nintendo Switch, both of you must have purchased a Nintendo Online Membership to play any games online.

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How to find your friend code

After going through the Nintendo Switch setup process, you will automatically be assigned a 12-digit Friend Code. This friend code will start with “SW” and can be seen on the main page of your profile or at the bottom right of the “Add a friend” page.

The profile page is located in the upper left corner of the home screen. Use your left Joy-Con to navigate to your avatar, then press the physical “A” button on the right Joy-Con.

To add a friend on Nintendo Switch, you will need to share your friend code (or receive another player’s friend code).

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First, navigate to your Nintendo Switch profile page from the home menu and then navigate to the “Add Friend” tab.

Your Nintendo Switch Friend Code is located in the bottom right corner and usually begins with “SW” followed by 12 digits.

You can choose to manage all friend requests received, search for local users, use a friend code to send an invite to a friend, or check requests you’ve sent.

Accept a friend request

Any friend request you receive will appear in the “Friend Request Received” menu. You can choose to accept or reject them.

Send a friend request

If you have purchased someone’s friend code, you can enter the code by selecting “Search with friend code” from the “Add friend” menu.

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Enter the friend’s 12-digit code and an outgoing friend request will be sent to that person. All sent friend requests can be managed by accessing the “Sent Friend Requests” menu option under “Search with Friend Code”.

Add friends locally

This option will allow you to exchange friend requests with people in the same room. It does not require an Internet connection because it uses Bluetooth to find local consoles.

To add friends locally, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. If the Nintendo Switch console is not connected to the Internet, the friend request will be temporarily saved to the console. The friend request will be sent automatically the next time the console connects to the Internet.

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Add friends you’ve played with

Some online multiplayer games will connect you with random online players that you can send friend requests to later. In the “Add Friend” submenu, select “Find Users You’ve Played With,” then invite someone you’ve recently played with to connect.

friends suggestions

Select the “Friend Suggestions” option to send friend requests to people you’re friends with on Nintendo Smart Device Apps, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Facebook, or Twitter.

All social media accounts must be linked for the Nintendo Switch to find friends. To link a social network account to your Nintendo Account, select an option by clicking the “L” or “R” trigger on your Joy-Cons. Follow the setup instructions on the screen.

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Nintendo Switch User Settings

If you want to reissue a new friend code, manage your blocked user list, or remove all linked social media accounts, you can do so in the “User Settings” submenu. Select your avatar on the Switch home screen to access this submenu.

Here you also manage your nickname, icon, account information, and eShop settings.

Once you’ve added friends, you can start connecting to multiplayer games more easily.