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How to connect Spotify to Discord

How to connect Spotify to Discord

Spotify is the service that propelled music streaming to major audiences, providing instant access to millions of songs and artists. Buying and downloading music is a thing of the past with Spotify, replacing music ownership with a monthly fee for unlimited access, with many built-in options for sharing your musical tastes with others.

If you are a Discord user, you can connect Spotify to Discord, allowing you to share your music habits with your friends while playing games and chatting on your own Discord server. If you want to know how to connect Spotify to Discord, all you need is a Spotify account and a Discord server for testing.

Why should you connect Spotify to Discord

If you love music, it makes sense to share it. If you connect Spotify to Discord, you can share your musical tastes with other Discord users on the servers where you like to chat and socialize.

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Do you have a new favorite artist that you can’t stop listening to? Discord will display this, allowing others to get on board and start streaming it themselves from the Discord platform. You can do the same, taking advantage of other users’ playlists to hit the play button and start enjoying new content.

You will need to link your Spotify account to your Discord user account to do this. Once your accounts are linked, you can choose to display the music you are currently playing on your user profile, as well as your Discord user status.

If you want to link Spotify to your Discord account, you will need to do so on the Discord website or from the Discord application on PC or Mac. Since the interface is almost identical, these steps should work for all users, regardless of the platform used. .

If you are using Discord on an Android, iPhone, or iPad device, you can also connect Spotify to Discord using the Discord app on those platforms.

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As with the PC options, the Discord interface is almost identical on Android and Apple devices, so these steps should work for any device.

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Discord is more than just a gaming platform

With a twist towards community building, Discord is breaking free from its origins as a platform for gamers. As its integration with Spotify shows, Discord is ideal for music lovers who want to share their favorite artists. You can go further by adding Discord bots to play music directly on your server.

There are other types of Discord bots that you can use to improve your server, along with moderation, memes, and music streaming, which are some of the features that they can offer. Of course, Discord isn’t the only platform out there, with Discord alternatives like Slack offering a wide range of features that you may find useful.