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How to delete comments in a Google Docs file

How to delete comments in a Google Docs file

When you work with other people, sharing files is something you will do sooner or later. In these shared files, you will also need to leave the other person a comment about the file to help them complete or understand it better.

But, after a while, that comment you added may no longer be necessary. Therefore, to avoid confusion, you may want to delete these comments. The good news is that Google Docs offers options that allow you to temporarily hide comments or delete them entirely.

How to hide comments in Google Docs

If you are not sure whether you want to delete comments or not, you can always hide them until you are sure what you want to do with them. One option is to change the way you view the file. You probably have the file in Suggest or Edit mode, and in that mode, you can see all the comments in the file.

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But, if you change the mode to View, all comments will be hidden. To do this, click Show> Mode> Display.

Also, as long as you do not accept the comment, it will be visible. When you accept the comment by clicking the check mark, it is no longer visible. If there are too many comments to accept one by one, you can accept them all together. To do this, go to Tools> Review Suggested Changes and click the blue Accept All button.

You can also remove the comment by clicking the Reject All button. But, if you want to delete the comment without having to accept it, click the three dots to the right of the comment and click the Delete option.

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Communication is essential when working with others to get things done. When those suggestions are no longer needed, you know that there are some options you can count on to make those comments disappear.