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How to delete your Amazon account

How to delete your Amazon account

When you need to shop online, one of the first sites may come to mind, perhaps Amazon. But despite Amazon’s quality for online shopping, the services you need may be missing, prompting you to close your account.

You can bet Amazon is sad to see you go. But you never know, something in the future might cause you to start using the online shopping site again. Until then, goodbye Amazon. Please note that closing your account is final and you cannot take it back. What should you consider before closing it?

Things to Consider Before Closing Your Amazon Account

Before you go ahead and permanently delete your Amazon account, there are a few things to keep in mind. If after reading them you are still sure that you want to close your Amazon account, you are fully aware of everything that you will no longer have access to.

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For example, by closing your Amazon account, you will not have access to any other Amazon-owned stores, which includes internationally owned stores such as Amazon for the UK and Audible.

All of your orders will be cancelled, you will not have access to your Amazon Payments account, and you will lose all Amazon Gift Card balance. Other things you won’t have access to include:

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Close your Amazon account forever

Amazon warns that there will soon be former customers to contact them to close their accounts. This method is the easiest and you can ask Amazon to contact you via email, phone or chat. It’s best to close your account via email or chat as you may have transcripts in case something goes wrong with the process. Remember, if you want to go back to Amazon, you’ll need to create a new account. You can’t get back the old one.


Before you close your Amazon account, think about the pros and cons of doing so. After thinking about it, you can either give Amazon a second chance or close your account forever. Are you sure you want to close your account?