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How to find your Amazon order history

How to find your Amazon order history

You order so much on Amazon that it’s hard to keep track of everything. If you have to browse your history to find something you’ve ordered before, you can scroll through pages and pages of items you’ve purchased, but it’s tedious. Instead, use the order search history.

Looking through your order history is helpful if you need to rearrange something you don’t buy regularly enough to Subscribe & Save from Amazon. It’s also useful if you want to find the product page for something you’ve bought when you need to research specifications or check details about your business.

To find your Amazon order history, open Amazon on the web and click Orders in the top right corner.

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Right above your list of past orders, you will see a search box. Enter your search terms in this box and click Find Orders.

The results of your search will appear in a list below the search box.

In each result, you’ll find links to repurchase the product, write a review, archive your order, and even get product help if available.