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How to implement alien nanites in Fortnite

How to implement alien nanites in Fortnite

Do you need help implementing alien nanites in Fortnite? Alien nanites are a brand new resource in the latest season of Fortnite. You can find this resource almost anywhere on the map: in kidnappers, floor loot, chests, and more. Like ammo, alien nanites are common loot, meaning you shouldn’t have any trouble trying to find them as you play.

Alien Nanites are special in that they serve two purposes: they can be used to upgrade weapons and they create special zones: Alien Nanite Zones reduce gravity drastically, allowing players to jump multiple times into the air. You need to be careful as the sound of gunshots is not as easily heard in this zone, and the zones only last for 30 seconds. If you’re not paying attention, you could take quite a bit of fall damage when the zone fades.

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This resource is only available for a limited time, so try to find the alien nanites while they’re still out there. Check out our other Fortnite guides this week, including dancing near Zyg and Choppy, placing welcome gifts at Holly Hatchery, and CB radio locations.

How to implement alien nanites in Fortnite

Once you’ve managed to find an alien nanite, simply throw it like a grenade to activate the low gravity zone. This area should be familiar to anyone who has taken a trip to Holly Hatchey recently. The only difference between the two zones is that your zone will disappear after 30 seconds.

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Alien Nanite Weapon Upgrades

You can upgrade your weapons to alien weapons using only one alien nanite. The rarity of your weapon determines the rarity of the crafted alien weapon. Using a blue assault rifle creates a blue pulse rifle, while using a purple assault rifle creates a purple pulse rifle.

Here are all the nanite alien weapon upgrades in Fortnite:

That is everything you need to know about the alien nanos in Fortnite. Have you been collecting Fortnite alien artifacts? Artifacts can be used as currency to purchase styles for the Kymera skin. If you’re not worried about the Kymera skin, head over to our guide highlighting all of the Fortnite skins introduced in the last season.

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