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How to make your Motorola a more accessible mobile

How to make your Motorola a more accessible mobile

We teach you how to configure and use the accessibility options from your Motorola phone. These functions make it easy for all types of mobile phone users to use them. An essential option especially for those who have vision problems.By activating the accessibility options, we can make it easy for people with hearing or vision problems to use these devices. Android devices such as Motorola phones include in their system, within the settings the accessibility menu, which we can access to configure the different options. We tell you some of the most relevant:

Enable Accessibility

Access accessibility in the settings menu. Press to activate accessibility features, for example:

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Talkback and exploration by touch

The function Talkback describes everything you select, activate or touch. You can adjust the volume of voice prompts or trigger a sound or vibration feedback to touches.

Another way to use Talkback is with “Touch exploration”, when you touch an app or icon you will hear the name first and then it gives you the option to use it or not. It is a different way of navigating the phone.

Configure Talkback Options

Activate the Talkback function in the accessibility settings and tap on settings to configure them:

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Touch exploration, tips for use

With these simple tips, you can get the most out of this option:

Disable touch exploration

With Active Talkback

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