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How to read and open POT .PO .MO files

Trying to open, view, or change certain file extensions in Windows isn’t always the easiest process. Windows, by default, supports many extensions, including all MS Office formats. However, some additional steps may be required to open other types of files, such as POT .PO and .MO.

POT, .PO, and .MO files are common in PHP, WordPress, and other programs that require translations into multiple languages. If you find a POT, .PO, or .MO file, here’s how to view and edit it.

Notepad can generally open anything, but when you use the application to open any of the file types mentioned, it displays the plain text, encoded, and so on.

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Open POT files using Poedit

Instead of using Notepad, download a specific text editor called Poedit. Go to the download page and download the version corresponding to your operating system. Please note that the software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software is also open source, so there is no charge.

Once the download is successful, proceed to install the software on your PC as you would any other program.

Once the software has been successfully installed, you can now view and edit POT, .PO, and .MO files. Just double-click on a file to instantly launch it in Poedit.

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Since POT, .PO, and .MO files are standard language and translation files, the Poedit software automatically lists the original string with the translation. Note how the above document appears as it should, not jumbled or distorted.

To edit a string, just click once to select the string + translate. From there the software will load the original string with the translation into the edit box.

With the edit box, you can edit and delete strings and translations as you would any text document, similar to Notepad or Word.

If the goal is to copy the original string into the translation field, you can also right-click on any string and select Copy the original into the translation field, which will remove the existing translation and replace it with the string value.

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That’s basically all there is to it. Now you can edit POT, .PO and .MO language files easily and quickly. I initially tried opening the files with Notepad and Dreamweaver, but neither program was able to keep the text format.

Poedit, however, is a free open source alternative that works very well. Poedit may not be a program that you use every day, but if you need to edit or view these types of files, you will have an applicable program to handle them. If you have any questions, please post a comment. Enjoy!

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