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How to See the Page Number of a Book on Amazon Kindle

How to See the Page Number of a Book on Amazon Kindle

Khamosh Pathak

When reading paperbacks and hardcovers, he uses page numbers to track progress and discuss parts of the book. But Amazon’s Kindle only shows you your position in the book by default. Here’s how to see the actual page numbers in a Kindle book.

When it comes to Kindle software, the most reliable way to track your location in a book doesn’t involve using page numbers. This is because when you read in an eBook reader with customizable font sizes, the page numbers don’t make sense. Instead, Kindle breaks the book’s content down into small chunks and uses it to calculate how far along you are.

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“Location 718 of 4499” is ideal for the Kindle software, but not for the human reading the book.

But don’t worry, Kindle also supports page numbers. If a Kindle book has a “Time to Print” section on the Amazon page, that means you’ll be able to see the actual page numbers as you go through the book.

When enabled, page numbers will be visible in the lower left corner of the reading screen (replacing the reading location or progress).

In our experience, we’ve found that Calibre-loaded books (sometimes converted from ePub format) also support real page numbers.

To get started, first navigate to the “Your Library” section in the Kindle eBook reader (this works for all Kindle models).

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Then touch a book to start reading.

Here, tap at the top of the screen to display the toolbar.

From there, select the “Aa” button.

Go to the “More” tab and choose the “Reading Progress” option.

Go to the “Page in Book” option. If this option is crossed out, it means that the actual page numbers will not be available for this book on Kindle.

Now go back to reading view. In the bottom left corner of the screen, you will now see the page number.

You can quickly cycle through all the reading progress options (page in book, time left in chapter, time left in book, location in book, and note) by touching the text in the lower left corner of the screen.

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