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How to stream movies over the net using Apple’s Front Row

How to stream movies over the net using Apple’s Front Row

“In ‘My Multimedia Mac mini,’ I already explained the problems I had casting full-length movies from my Power Mac G5 to an Intel Mac mini through Front Row. Despite creating the fastest network possible, as well as putting the “lightest” movies possible in Front Row, both Front Row and iTunes refused to play them unless I created an alias of the original movie, mounted the volume where it resided the movie over the network and copy the alias to the mini’s Movies folder,” reports Christopher Breen for Macworld.

“Reader Scott Nichol contacted me and revealed the secret to being able to play those movies with Front Row. The secret is that the movies have to have the streaming option activated. When you copy a DVD via HandBrake, that option is disabled, and Front Row crashes when you try to share it from another Mac,” Breen reports.

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Another reader suggests:

Here is a simple solution to the “Problem”. I use it to play ripped DVDs that are on a Power Mac G5 using a wirelessly connected Mac mini. I copy the DVDs using MacTheRipper (much faster than HandBrake) to the G5’s hard drive. I connect the Mac mini to the G5 using AFP over an 802.11g – AirPort connection. Open DVD Player on the mini and point it to the VIDEO_TS folder of the copied movie. Everything runs smooth, DVD-quality (no compression!) over a 56kbps wireless connection. I can experience 3-4 second pauses on full playback, but that’s the only problem.

Others comment that they prefer to use DVArchive (free)

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