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Intel Launches 4 Green Xeon Processors

Intel Launches 4 Green Xeon Processors

Intel has announced four new 4-core Xeon processors that use halogen-free technology in their manufacturing that makes them less aggressive with the environment.

The Quad-Core Xeon L5430, X5470, X5492, and X5270 processors run at clock speeds between 2.66GHz and 3.5GHz, and are priced between $562 and $1,492 each, in units of thousands. The 5400 series of chips are available immediately and the x5270 will be released in the coming months.

Intel did not say where exactly the halogen was used in chips, but it is frequently used as a fire retardant, including in the resin used to make some chips. Halogen releases dioxins, a family of toxic chemicals, into the atmosphere when these chips and other components are disposed of and the resins burned.

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Intel is working on using a halogen-free manufacturing process in all of its chips and has previously said it hopes to achieve this goal this year. The first halogen-free chips were the Atom line, released this year. With the announcement of the latest four Xeons, Intel said the same materials will be used in all Xeon server chips.

The use of halogen-free manufacturing processes is one of Intel’s latest efforts to avoid the environmental impact of its chips. Last year Intel began using lead-free solders in its Penryn family of products, manufactured using a 45-nanometer process. Lead, which is highly toxic, is subject to environmental legislation that requires the reduction of its use in various market segments.

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Source: PC Advisor