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  7. Intel ‘metro’ subnotebook details point to an Apple model

Intel ‘metro’ subnotebook details point to an Apple model

Intel ‘metro’ subnotebook details point to an Apple model

A computer manufacturer is set to make Intel’s ultraportable Metro concept, according to sources contacted by BusinessWeek.

The magazine claims that an anonymous builder will turn the prototype into reality by the end of the year. This would mark a radical departure from the company’s traditional concepts, which are often shown on the company’s internal Developer Forums solely as inspirations for other manufacturers rather than direct designs.

Extra details about the Metro laptop have emerged, the publication says, hinting at its final manufacturer. Created by Oregon product design firm Ziba, Metro achieves its record-breaking 1.78cm thickness (slightly thicker than the Motorola RAZR V3) by using an all-solid-state flash-based hard drive, rather than the conventional hard drive. freeing up space for other components inside. The change would also improve battery life and would be combined with a magnesium case to weigh less than 1.06kg without an optical drive.

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Communications would also be a specialty of Metro. For reference, the PC would include a hybrid wireless chipset that connects to both Wi-Fi and the wide-area WiMAX format. It would be ideal for traveling executives and others who need to access the Internet regardless of where they might be, according to Intel’s Patrick Lynch.

Source: Electronist