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  5. It is finally known why the bus movies are very bad: the SGAE keeps the budget

It is finally known why the bus movies are very bad: the SGAE keeps the budget

It is finally known why the bus movies are very bad: the SGAE keeps the budget

The business associations have decided to denounce the agreement signed with the SGAE, AISGE and AIE in 2000, valid for five years and renewable annually. The representatives of the companies have decided to renew the document and draft another one that is more in line with the current circumstances.

The last meeting with the copyright representatives was held last July, at which time it was decided to convene another meeting for the month of September, in which these entities would supposedly offer the transport companies new proposals.

After having started the month of October without news from the SGAE, AISGE and AIE, business associations have taken the initiative and decided to denounce the 2000 agreement.

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Fenebús has been claiming for months before its associates and through the media the limited validity of an agreement that does not meet the needs of either the operators or the users of the coaches. “The widespread use of individual video and audio playback devices has invalidated part of the clauses on which the agreement was drawn up,” says the Federation.

Courts agree with the Sector

On the other hand, the constant complaints presented before the courts by the companies representing authors, performers and performers to the operating companies has called into question the usefulness of the agreement. In addition, lately it has been the transport companies who have come out better in the trials held in this regard.

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Thus, a recent ruling by the Pontevedra Provincial Court dismissed the SGAE’s complaint and stated that it should be the latter that proves that the coaches’ video and audio playback devices are being used. Until then, the mere fact of taking them on board was already enough to force companies to pay the fee, which has caused many to disable audio and video systems due to the constant increase in both prices and entities that demanded their use. part for copyright.

Right now, employers must pay about 6,000 euros per vehicle and yearan amount that is divided between the more than 1,200 euros from the SGAE, the 400 from MPCL -the producers’ license- and the 4,290 claimed by AGEDI and AIE -a joint collection body for artists and producers, for phonographic rights.

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