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Japanese YouTuber will test the PS5 tomorrow; know how to watch

The PS5 will finally be tested publicly. With a few days to go, the console will be tested by a series of Japanese YouTubers. Disclosure on the platform has already started and has certainly caused a buzz among fans of the brand. In the link you will see below, it is already possible to activate the reminder to watch the video tomorrow. Judging by the video description, YouTuber will play Astro’s Playroom and Godfall.

Astro’s Playroom has been tested publicly before. For those who don’t remember, Geoff Keighley, host of The Game Awards, published a video testing the title. Surprisingly, the game will be made available for free to anyone who purchases the console. As well? It is already pre-installed on the device. In short, the game will serve as a kind of tutorial for the various new features of the product. Thanks to the technologies present in DualSense, new possibilities within the game will appear, increasing the level of immersion in adventures.

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Undeniably, Godfall is the game that most arouses curiosity between the two. The title promotion process has caused more doubts than certainties. That said, seeing the game being tested in “normal ways” can raise expectations for the title. With a proposal similar to Destiny, the work seeks its differentiation through frantic and unusual combat. Instead of adopting firearm combat, the Counterplay Games project encourages hand-to-hand combat. With a variety of weapons and valorplates, the game looks very promising.

As YouTubers in Japan will be allowed to post their test videos, everything indicates that the press and similar embargo should fall at a similar time. That is, there is no doubt that we will see several texts of previews and robust tests being made.

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Where to buy the PS5

Are you jealous that I am not? The console is already pre-sold in Brazil. You can buy yours on Amazon’s website, check out the links below:

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