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Jobs’s health is so good that he has had another operation

Jobs’s health is so good that he has had another operation

“In recent weeks, Mr. Jobs has reassured several people that he is doing well, and that four years after a successful operation to treat a rare pancreatic cancer, he is cancer-free,” said the New York Times.

However, Apple’s chief executive has reportedly admitted to some people that he had a surgical procedure earlier in the year to fix the problem that was causing his weight loss.

More specifically, the Times cites unnamed sources, saying that Jobs has been battling a nutritional problem since his surgery, which can cause weight loss and energy loss, according to the description of the operation. Jobs’ health has been a matter of renewed interest of late, particularly on Wall Street, as fund managers and other big investors worry that the company co-founder’s cancer has recently returned.

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Most of that fear stemmed from Jobs’ gaunt appearance during his appearance at Apple’s developer conference last month, as well as at other events related to the unveiling of the company’s new phone, the iPhone.

Immediately after the conference, an Apple spokesman said that “a common microbe virus” had left Jobs feeling a little tired, but that he was already taking antibiotics to treat it.

In its report on Wednesday, the Times quoted an industry executive as saying Jobs had a high fever in the week before the developer conference and had considered canceling his appearance due to illness. In the end, the chief executive decided to make good on his word to Apple devotees so it was he who unwrapped the second generation of Apple phones.

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Doubts about Jobs’ condition were exacerbated when speculative reports this week prompted Lehman Brothers analyst Ben Reitzes to respectfully ask Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer to make an official statement regarding the matter during the company’s quarterly conference call. the company.

“Ben, Steve loves Apple,” Oppenheimer said. “He works as the CEO for the pleasure of the Apple board and he has no plans to leave us. Steve’s health is a private matter.” In the two hours before and after the call, Apple shares were down more than 10 percent. But there is debate about how much of an impact Jobs’ health had on the drop, given that Oppenheimer’s comments, or lack thereof, on the matter came around the same time he called on analysts to brace heavily for sharp declines in the company’s gross margins in fiscal 2009. Jobs, who has not commented on his views on the successor issue should he need to leave his position, is on vacation this week.

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Source: Apple Insider