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  7. Logitech unveils the G923 racing gaming wheel

Logitech unveils the G923 racing gaming wheel

Logitech unveils the G923 racing gaming wheel

Meet the Logitech G923, ready for the next generation

THE Logitech is known for its hardware, from mice and keyboards to gaming chairs. Now, the latest version of your steering wheel and pedal, the Logitech G923, was made available for pre-order. The G923 is heralded as “a high-performance racing wheel that revolutionizes the eRacing experience”.

Digital runners who take victory seriously need to feel the digital track as if it were made of real asphalt. Logitech’s Trueforce high-definition force feedback technology aims to recreate the tactile experience of when rubber meets the road, directly touching what is happening in the supported game mechanisms. The controller processes the information internally, tightly controlling the vibration pattern of the internal motors, which translates into an immersive haptic experience. Considering that eRacers are now winning real races, this technology further blurs the line between video games and reality.

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The programmable dual clutch may be able to take runners faster in supported games, simulating race car launch assistance. A 24-point selection dial allows for quick adjustments to game settings, such as traction and brake force. The brake pedal has a progressive spring, a design that should give a more realistic feel. The pedals are also adjustable for comfort and control.

The steering wheel comes with PlayStation and Xbox-style controls built into the steering wheel. Therefore, it will not only be compatible with PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but also with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.