Loose sticker inside PS5 is causing noise


Zuada in the new generation?

With the launch of the PS5, several users published the fact of having the device at launch on their social networks, sharing this moment of joy with several people.

Unfortunately it was not just joy, some unfortunate owners of the console, reported an unusual problem, as soon as the PS5 is turned on, there is a noise that bothers a lot, gets to be angry.

Sony has yet to comment on it, leaving the unhappy without knowing what to do, whether to trigger the guarantee or do it for themselves. Several users have reported this problem on their social networks. Anyway, it is a noise that bothers a lot while you are playing, and can disturb your peace of mind.

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@PlayStation Fan noise sounds broken upon first start-up and stays like this. Disc version. Can be heard in the whole apartment.

Fan bricked? Should I return to retailer and how long will I have to wait for a replacement? Other solutions? # Ps5 #fan #noise pic.twitter.com/ynVZSGWq38

– Frank ™ (FS7N) | WFH? (@Frank_Supercell) November 20, 2020

Solution to create the promised silence:

Surprisingly, this problem that users report is easy to solve, since it is a sticker that is allocated on the fan. For the inexperienced, be careful, it is risky but it will improve your g******g by 100%, so that you will be in your due profitable silence. In order to create the perfect setting to make the most of the console and its games.

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Fixed my PS5 issue. Cannot believe that I would almost have sent back my console for this. @ AskPlayStation, maybe something for you to know. # Ps5 #noise https://t.co/wdN83ruv1z

– Frank ™ (FS7N) | WFH? (@Frank_Supercell) November 20, 2020

As we can see, it is very quick and simple to solve, the question that many are asking is whether the guarantee is violated or not. It ends up being a very pertinent doubt due to the fact that we will be opening the console and removing a sticker stuck on the console fan.

Undeniably an unfortunate beginning that some owners have suffered, since the promise is a console without noise, without the famous airplane turbine during the game. From what was reported, only a small percentage of people obtained this illustrious bad luck, on the positive side it is something very simplistic to solve. Now, the company’s position on what happened remains. For some it is a great sadness that, buying a new generation console and presents this uncomfortable noise.

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