MacBook: In The End, It May Not Be Today


Appleinsider publishes that the highly anticipated presentation of the MacBook that according to many other rumors was expected today, may not happen. In fact, and according to a note on another site, the iBook G4 was still in production for the past month.

Although manufacturing of the units began about a week ago, sources indicate that it is highly unlikely that the new notebooks will be presented today and give a date for next week at the earliest.

According to these same sources, the launch of the new MacBook is expected together with a change in the iPod range, which has reached, or will reach in the near future, a sales peak and at the moment has a not so strong demand, with the exception 30GB iPod and iPod Shuffle.

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On the other hand, a note from Macmegasite indicates that the iBook G4s were still in production last month, through an analysis of the serial number of a unit.

Source: Appleinsider and macmegasite

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