Marvel’s Avengers | There will be many customization options for players


Since the delay of the original release from May to September, we haven’t heard much about Marvel’s Avengers, but the developers have been interacting with the community regularly. Recently, answering questions on Reddit, the game’s leading combat designer, Vince Napoli, released some interesting little details about the game.

We’ve heard a lot about the item systems that will be implemented in the game, and as a result, along with the progression and things like perks. On Reddit, Napoli mentioned that most of the perks that the developers have shown so far have been “initial tests” and, after a lot of work has been done on this system, there are now more than 100 perks in the game for equipment alone.

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“Most of these perks were initial tests,” wrote Napoli. “A lot of work has been done to revise this system, but there are easily over 100 exclusive perks for equipment alone. Perks are also exclusive to the item slot. “

Marvel’s Avengers is due to arrive on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia on September 4.

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