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(Maybe) a bad move for Mozilla/Firefox

(Maybe) a bad move for Mozilla/Firefox

Those who have downloaded the latest preliminary versions 1.6a of Firefox have verified the existence of a new feature, whose eventual implementation in definitive versions has already begun to generate a lively controversy.

It is about implementing in Firefox the ability for the browser to ping (that is, notify) the servers that are indicated, when clicking on links that have that attribute activated.

The idea is the following. Suppose that the publisher of a website wants to know – for statistical purposes, of course – how many readers click on a certain external link, of those that appear in any of our articles. He would just have to add a “ping” attribute to the corresponding link tag for Firefox to “tell” me when (and who?) clicked on it…

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In short: the softest thing that can be said about this functionality is that it is open to abuse and creates unnecessary risks. So why do you think about implementing it?

As well; According to Mozilla, largely because it has been requested “by very popular websites, who wanted a solution to this problem.” It is not hard to anticipate what would have happened if it were Microsoft who had devised such nonsense for its Explorer. It’s also troubling to think what more requests for “popular websites” Mozilla would be willing to accommodate.

It’s also not much consolation to think that the code is free and you can always compile versions without that functionality, or trust that extensions will soon come out that disable it. We simply expect something else from Mozilla: that Firefox makes it harder to track users, not easier.

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