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Microsoft and Paradox “discuss”: partnership or acquisition?

Microsoft and Paradox “discuss”: partnership or acquisition?

Microsoft and Paradox seem to be in discussion about something, according to some insiders, and rumors about a possible partnership or even acquisition are already starting.

Microsoft it seems to be arguing something with Paradox recently, according to another rumor coming out of the XboxEra podcast, which gives rise to a series of assumptions about the contents of these discussions and any agreements between the two companies, leading to think as always of a possible one acquisition.

Obviously this must also be taken with pliers, since it is only one corridor entrybut on the other hand in this period it is quite difficult to go beyond these with regard to the big news, so let’s try to think about the possible scenarios.

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Therefore, the most likely idea coming from this question is that a partnership agreement is possible between Microsoft and Paradox for the publication of the latter’s games on Xbox Game Passan extended initiative that could come to include, at least for a certain period, also the news of the publisher to be launched directly on the service.

On the other hand, the excellent Crusader Kings 3 came out on Xbox Game Pass at day onetherefore it would only be an extension of this initiative that has already started between the two companies, which seems to be quite probable.

However, there is no shortage of the most daring interpretations: according to some, even Paradox could be among the famous candidates for acquisition by Microsoft, which apparently is always lurking in these cases. Paradox is indeed partially in the public domain, which could complicate the matter, but not what happens with companies that are mostly owned by shareholders on the public front.

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As for the majorityin fact, Paradox is controlled by private shareholderstherefore an acquisition would be possible by obtaining these shares without going through a takeover bid, which paved the way for the usual conjectures.