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NAB 2007: Apple Keynote in Las Vegas

NAB 2007: Apple Keynote in Las Vegas

At this time, the event that Apple is giving at the NAB Fair has just begun, led, on this occasion, by Rob Schoeben, Apple’s Vice President of Applications and Product Marketing. The presentation has just started and in his words: “there is a lot to talk about”.

Rob makes a brief presentation indicating that there are approximately 800,000 users of FCP in the world, and shows a series of works carried out with this Apple software.

Apple releases Final Cut Server.

FCS is a scalable application with interface that also works on PC: FCS is a file control system that catalogs 100 types of files, searches by keywords. It also automates the workflow with templates, viewing and response system, review and approval, automatic encoding and publishing, all under an event-driven environment.

  Batch of updates from Apple

Because Compressor is integrated into FCS, delivery can be controlled from within the program. The system (which may be available as soon as Apple Stores are closed) is already up and running at a couple of North American broadcasters: CBS 2 and KCAL 9 in Los Angeles.

It is priced at $999 with 10 user licenses and a $1,999 version with unlimited use licenses. The software will definitely be available this summer.

Final Cut Studio 2

The biggest update since this software is on the market. Final Cut Studio 2, Final Cut Pro 6 and the release of ProRes 422 which can compress HD raster video from 1TB to 170TB.

  Apple to promote at Glastonbury festival

ProRes is efficient, transportable and is also compatible with the new storage system presented by Sony during this fair: HDCAM SR 1080p60 (there are several Sony executives at the event).

It will now be possible to directly input RED 4k files directly onto a MacBook Pro, view and edit them. Now we talk about IO-HD.

It will now be possible to edit HD video on a MacBook Pro while recording, all thanks to ProRes and IO-HD: this is going to be the Apple earthquake that shakes up the entire post-production industry.

ProRes 422 will be priced at $3,495. This video format is going to hit very hard in the industry: it is an open format in terms of timelines, mixed formats, resolutions and frame rates.

  Apple ships Mac OS X 10.3.4 build 7H58

Some of Shake’s awesome technology has been harnessed and SmoothCam has been introduced in Final Cut Pro, which removes camera shake

ProRess 422 autoscales low-resolution, resolution and bitstream independent video clips: Demo of a 960 x 720 5Mbps video upscaled to 1080p at 125MBps to great public outcry.

In addition, there is a new integration with Motion that allows the recisualziaci’no of the effects on video not yet rendered.

In addition, the possibility of using plug-ins is introduced: dozens of them have been added, accelerated directly by the graphics processor; A ProRes demo is made with two files of 127 MBps and 19 MBps and they are practically the same visually.

  Apple Press Release – Fiscal 2008 Second Quarter Results

Motion 3

Motion 3 enters the field of 3D, extending all the familiar tools to cameras, light sources, navigation in 3D space… the types of graphics that the user wants to create can be created. Possibilities for painting, particles, video, photos, pen writing (with pressure, speed) and behavior control have been added so that the painting / writing seems “alive”: and above all, something that was complex in the past and now it will be simple: follow a target while it moves.

The time adjustment option (retiming) has also been fixed, so that it is now possible to create this type of effect without too much work. In addition, Audio behaviors, Control of animations by volume and Frequency have been added. Motion 3 demo.

  Apple patents the iPod ecosystem

Motion is also capable of working with content for 3D glasses!

Soundtrack Pro 2

Now it is possible with this new version to synchronize video and audio through a new 3D interface. The possibility of adding surround audio mixes has been included, so that both projects (stereo and 3D) are in the same file, with support for 5:1 audio and different adjustments such as panning and speaker-to-speaker automation.

In addition, a new functionality called Conform which allows you to sync changes, change tracks and more. A demo is in progress showing the Fade Selector tool, a built-in waveform editor, a waveform viewer, and the ability to delete a portion of audio without changing the time sequence.

  From the Apple Expo in Paris

Added a library of sounds including 5:1 effects of over 1000 samples.

Compressor 3

Compressor 3 is a new milestone in the new Final Cut Studio Suite. It is industrial power. In this new version, the creation of clusters has been simplified, it has been extended to MPEG-2, H.264, Telestream Episode Pro plug-in with VC-1, WMV, FLV… formats. dynamic filters with timecode overlay, animated watermarks.

On an 8-core Mac Pro a video sample took 16:45 to compress in Compressor 2. That same sample now takes 6:02, a 3X speed increase. Compressor 3 demo.

Now, with this new version it is possible to deploy multiple worker threads across the different cores of a processor.

  Apple vs. Epic, the judge sees no differences between Netflix and Game Pass: why one yes and the other no?

Final Cut Studio will be available next month. Apple wants the full power of professional editing to be available to all users: a democratization of the editing process.


Color is a new application that is included in FCS, and that allows color application and management in real time: a revolutionary tool and above all, very helpful.

Color has been designed to be a plugin for FCP: a single interface for simultaneous correction of RGB and luma curves, lift, gamma, gain, color display in 3D spaces. Mattes from chroma, luma, saturation, clipart, hue, and saturation curves, plus color effects. Color Demos.

Color will also allow you to export the effects (which will no longer be just round or square, but may have a shape) and the presets so that they can be shared between different editors…. even by email.

  Tomorrow there will be no Bose products in any Apple Store

Final Cut Studio includes all of these applications plus Color.

The price of Final Cut Studio remains at $1,299 and upgrading from the previous version will only cost $499. Users of any version of Final Cut Pro (from the very first) will be eligible for a full upgrade for the price of $699. Final Cut Studio will be available starting next month.

The keynote is over.