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NAB 2007: First day: Apple, Adobe, Avid… and Microsoft?

NAB 2007: First day: Apple, Adobe, Avid… and Microsoft?

First day at NAB and lots and lots of people. The halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center are tremendously large. Although we have toured the entire fair on this first day, we have focused on the “South Hall”, intended for post-production and which has 2 floors and more than 1 kilometer in length, where all the major brands in this segment are: Apple , Avid, Adobe, Autodesk, Quantel, Eyeon, AJA, Blackmagic, Matrox, etc.

The first big stand you find when you enter is the avid, which has presented some other novelty. We’ve seen a lot of Avid on Mac, and “Media Composer on Mac” as the big star.

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The truth is that the feeling when you go through Avid is that they are somewhat “scared” by the new Apple suite, Final Cut Studio 2. With phrases like “Ask me for Avid Training for FCP users” it is clear that Apple is no longer the that trains Avid editors to move to FCP, if not the other way around. What’s more, during one of the Avid presentations, one of the engineers says “we’re going to eat the apple”, and takes out an apple and takes a bite… without comment.

Of course, to have a claim on their stand, the second largest in this pavilion (the first is Apple’s, :D), they make their editing demos with fragments of the “Lost” series.

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Adobe It hits hard, not as an editor since Premiere never reaches the sole of FCP’s shoes, although it has some improvements. The added value is After Effects and the complete integration of Flash, as a new video and multimedia tool. The suite is fully available on both platforms, except for the “On Location CS3” tool, winner of awards at previous NAB editions, and “Ultra”, also from Serious Magic, for creating virtual sets, which only works on PC .

Without a doubt, one of the biggest surprises was the stand of microsoft, not because it was at NAB, logical as a developer of the unmentionable “Operating System”, but because of the new software that it presented that even at this point and after looking for info on the web, we have not come to understand. And it is that we attend the “powerpoint” of Microsoft of presentation of these products such as:

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–Microsoft Silverlight

– Microsoft Expression Studio

– Microsoft TV IPTV

– Microsoft Interactive Media Manager

Well, we can assure you that the presentation is a chaos in which it is clear to you that the XBOX 360 is cool, but except for the MS Interactive Media Manager which is an asset management for SharePoint Server 2007, and it is obvious from its name, the others They are somewhat “ambiguous”.

In terms of hardware for video editing with Mac, there was no lack AHAwhose star was the new io HD; BlackMagic with its entire range of products; and, Matrox which blew us away at how light the MXO is.

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On the other hand, in an area of ​​”mini” stands, we find two large sectors such as education with Lynda.com, Total Training, Creative Cow, etc.; and the one of plugins, filters, particlesetc., for FCP and Motion with companies like Foundry, Idustrialrevolution or Particle Illusion.

The booths of Manzana Y Red Digital Cinema (Red One), have been impracticable due to the expectation of their products. Apple’s demos and especially the Final Cut Server booth are always full. And, the Red Digital Cinema stand is a closed tent in which there is a “kilometre-long” queue to enter. Today we will queue for the stand, and we will take a closer look at Apple applications.

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The increasing appearance of asset management software such as Apple’s Final Cut Server or Microsoft’s Interactive Media Manager confirms the rise of digital video. This is corroborated by the large number of stands dedicated to storage solutions and SAN technologies.

Finally, it is worth noting the number of Macs that we have seen in all the stands, and how companies make integration with Final Cut Studio 2 applications an added value of their products.

By the way, where is Windows Vista?… and the thing is that everything that ran on PC was with XP, we only saw Vista in 1 stand, can you imagine which one?

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