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  7. Naughty Dog: for the study of The Last of Us the unions would not stop the crunch

Naughty Dog: for the study of The Last of Us the unions would not stop the crunch

Naughty Dog: for the study of The Last of Us the unions would not stop the crunch

Naughty Dog, the studio author of Uncharted and The Last of Us, believes the unions wouldn’t stop the crunch. Here are their words.

Naughty Dogdeveloper of Uncharted and The Last of Us, recently talked about the crunch, which is the tendency to make developers work for many extra hours over long periods of time. According to the company, i labor unions they wouldn’t stop the crunch.

Specifically, Co-President Evan Wells said, “Personally, I’ve certainly worked very hard over the years. I think some of that has helped me get to where I am in my career.” He also added that the studio has “post mortem” meetings after each project for each department, including the production side, with the goal of “find the right balance between giving people the opportunity to … make their mark on the industry and advance their skills in new ways, but also finding their own space in between. ”

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Druckmann explained that Naughty Dog wants prevent breakdowns of employees at the firm, and created work groups to identify certain areas for improvement. Wells said they are increasing the number of directors and department heads to improve employee monitoring and gain feedback.

When asked if i labor unions could be a solution, Wells said he’s not sure they can do anything about the crunch. “As for Neil’s point of making sure everyone is able to work as much or as little as they want, we need to create an environment that allows it. If we had some sort of restriction that when the clock strikes 40 hours, servers will they turn off and you can’t work anymore, that would frustrate people. There are people who really want to invest that extra time of their own free will, and they would feel hindered. ”

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Druckmann said that in the past they have tried to stop working beyond certain hours or on Sundays, but there have been some borderline cases. “When trying to find a one-size-fits-all solution, someone is disappointed. That’s why we think there is a need to multiple solutions. We have to face it from several points of view “.

There crunch culture by Naughty Dog has long been known. Druckmann himself stated, long ago, that Naughty Dog doesn’t “try to babysit people”, but acknowledged that he should “set up stakes so that they don’t get hurt. I don’t think we could stop them from working hard and doing anyway the kind of games we play. ”

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Speaking of The Last of Us 2, Druckmann said “it’s a shame you didn’t like it”, but Naughty Dog isn’t backing down.