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New renders show the next Google Chromecast with Google TV

Google will announce Project Sabrina, or Google Chromecast with Google TV, as new leaks have been established, in a matter of weeks. A set of renders obtained by WinFuture show the upcoming device from all angles.

Like all Google designs, it is extremely minimal. There’s the HDMI dongle that connects to any external display or TV, and then there’s the remote. It is a small thing with only a few buttons. There’s a D-Pad for navigation, volume control buttons, and then there are service-specific buttons, providing quick access to Netflix, YouTube, and the Google Assistant. WinFuture also signals the presence of a programmable favorites button.

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More than the hardware, the new Chromecast is the first device to ship with the new Google TV brand. The company will change its name to Android TV when it launches the device, with some speculating that it is decoupling its TV interface from the Android brand.

An earlier Protocol report shared that Google would lean heavily on the multimedia capabilities of this device more than with previous Chromecasts, adding:

Users will be able to install apps for streaming services like Netflix and Disney + from the Google Play Store, and the device will integrate with Google Assistant for voice control. Like other Android TV devices, it will allow users to stream content, and is expected to be compatible with Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service.

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Google is holding an event in late September when it plans to unveil a new list of hardware, including the Pixel 4a 5G, the Pixel 5, a new Nest speaker, and this new Chromecast.

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