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New World: Release date postponed again for Amazon’s MMO

New World: Release date postponed again for Amazon’s MMO

Amazon has announced that it has once again postponed the release date of New World, its new MMO coming to PC.

In an unsurprising new announcement, Amazon unveils that the exit date of its MMO, New World, has been postponed. The online game was initially scheduled for August last year, but was then postponed to spring 2021: clearly this new period was uncertain. The New World release date is now on August 31, 2021.

The developers said: “We are working hard for the completion of end-game features and we believe it is important to include them from launch. These features will not be ready within the spring period we previously communicated. For this reason, we have decided that the new release date for New World is August 31, 2021 “.

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They then went on to say, “With this additional time, we will be able to introduce substantial improvements to the gamewithout putting aside the cleaning of the entire work, before the beaches of Aeternum are open to the world. “The New World team will continue to support the Alpha version of the game in the coming months and will add European servers on March 30, 2021.

A closed beta of New World will be available starting in July 20: if you have pre-ordered the game, you will be able to access it. Within the beta there will be a way to try out new features such as expeditions (for up to five players) and 20v20 battles, as well as a new end-game area called “Ebonscale Reach”.

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The release date of New World is therefore set for August 31, 2021: we hope that the development team will be able to complete the work on time and will not be forced to postpone the game again. The “delay”, for now, is about a year, but we are sure that fans prefer to have one in their hands complete product and not riddled with bugs and poor in content.

We have already had the opportunity to try New World: you can read our article here.