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News from Apple at the NAB Show :UPDATED:

News from Apple at the NAB Show :UPDATED:

Apple has presented its latest developments at the NAB Broadcasting Fair, all (for now) in the field of software.

Shake 3.5, the new version of this Apple software, adds a new morphin system and warping tools for advanced composition and new “Shape Shifting” special effects.

Xsan is a new software for 64-bit clusters that controls network storage through fiber optic connections, allowing the interconnection of servers to control file storage for clusters or video projects, eliminating the bottlenecks that generate ethernet networks. The software is not yet available for sale and the possibility of participating in the beta tester program is offered on the Apple website.

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DVD Studio Pro 3 is the latest version of this DVD authoring software that enables new Alpha transitions and a new graphical display system for better visualization of the flow of an entire project. DVD Studio Pro 3 includes Compressor 1.2. the latest version of its revolutionary digital encoding and compression tool that enables high-quality HD video to be encoded into MPEG 2.

FinalCut Pro HD is another product introduced by Apple, a new version of its Emmy-winning software that enables the ability to capture, edit and export broadcast-quality video over a single Firewire cable, without the need for additional hardware. According to Apple, FinalCut Pro HD natively supports the DVCPRO HD format without recompression or image degradation. Separately, Apple has announced that they have entered into a collaboration with Panasonic, implementing IEEE 1394 FireWire with 100 Mbps DV-HD for the first time in Panasonic’s new AJ-HD1200A VTR, which will be the first to offer a firewire interface.

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Motion is a new application that redefines motion graphics allowing artists the creative freedom and power to generate professional results faster and more intuitively at the price of $299. Motion enables interactive animation of text and graphics, as well as video, with instant preview of multiple filters and particle effects, and introduces “behaviours” that allow artists to add natural movements to text and graphics, such as gravity, wind, but if in complex use of keyframes.