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Nintendo Italia and IIDEA collaborate to enhance independent developers

Nintendo Italia and IIDEA collaborate to enhance independent developers

Nintendo Italia and IIDEA have decided to collaborate to enhance and give a voice to the independent developers present on the platform.

Nintendo Italy And IIDEA have decided to collaborate to enhance and give a voice to independent developers of our country present on the platform. It is a way to put our cultural heritage in the spotlight and give it international visibility.

Four development studies made in Italy who told from their point of view the panorama of the Italian videogame industry, as well as the challenges related to the creation of a video game that tells the culture and territory of their country.

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Elisa Farinetti from Broken Arms Games, Emmanuele Tornusciolo from Italo Games, Pietro Polsinelli from Open Lab and Pietro Righi Riva from Santa Ragione took part. All 100% Italian realities, authors of successful games such as Hundred Days, “winemaking simulator” by Broken Arms Games and dedicated to the production of Italian excellence, wine, and Milanoir, an adventure set in Milan and inspired by the genre police movie developed by Italo Games.

“Hundred Days was born from a deep love for the territory that surrounds us and our culture, if thanks to this game we push someone to venture into our hills, our satisfaction will be infinite.” he claims Elisa FarinettiCEO and CoFounder of the firm.

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“Milanoir is the police videogame set in Milan that would have been released in the seventies … if they had already had a Switch then!” declares Emmanuele Tornusciolojoining the enthusiasm for the Nintendo initiative.

The protagonists of the round table are also Football Drama, a narrative video game developed by Open Lab which will see players take on the role of an existentially troubled football manager, and Wheels of Aurelia by Santa Ragione, an interactive visual novel that tells a long journey on the west coast of Italy during the roaring 70s.

Pietro Polsinelli of Open Lab states: “Football Drama was born inspired by football literature: novelists and poets such as Pasolini, Galeano, Soriano, Hornby, Saba, Handke, Wenders have written about football and its evocative and poetic power. The game tries to tell the story. football in a broader way than the management or game “emulators” on the pitch: in Football Drama you are Rocco Galliano, the new Marseille manager of the Calchester Assembled Football Club, and you have to balance your management between karma and chaos, between bewildered dialogues and match management. Football Drama is a narrative and strategic game on football born on mobile and now expanded and soon available in “HD” format for Nintendo Switch. “, while Pietro Righi Riva di Santa Ragione adds:” It is very important that the big international realities are able to enter into relations with local ones, which speak of history and culture linked to the territory. Nintendo’s work in this sense is commendable, and for Santa Ragione it is It was a great opportunity to release Wheels of Aurelia on the Nintendo Switch, where it garnered the greatest sales success. ”

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Almost four years after the release of Nintendo Switch, the library of the Nintendo home console is gradually growing, so much so that it has surpassed the milestone of over 2000 titles, and this also thanks to independent development companies, increasingly synonymous with quality. Nintendo has chosen to be at the forefront of supporting local development studios by providing, with these dedicated round tables, a great opportunity for media and public visibility for developers, so that they can continue to grow and evolve.