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Nintendo Switch: All the information about the new console

Nintendo Switch: All the information about the new console

Year and a half of endless rumours, fantasies, anxieties and worries condensed into a three and a half minute trailer; a sudden announcement, which shakes the panorama of a Nintendo for too many months in silence and motionless. the ghost of NX is banned once and for all in international forums and forums, and the future of the Kyoto house opens up before the eyes of millions of players and spectators gathered in front of their smartphone monitors and screens on a cool autumn afternoon. nintendo switch It is the name we were waiting for, it is the future according to Kimishima and Myamoto; and the big N presents it to us with a revelation that outlines its physiognomy in an effective and clear way, revealing its main characteristics, surprising us a lot and transmitting confidence and determination, but also some doubts that we hope to be able to dispel soon. , for a more detailed presentation.

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Play anywhere… literally!

Today we can state it serenely: the rumors that have occurred in recent months had more than a grain of truth. nintendo switch confirms its naturehybrid«, for a gaming platform that breaks the distance between the home and the portable console. It is up to us to choose how to exploit the new hardware, whose beating heart seems to be characterized by the unit dedicated to the screen: the latter can in fact be connected to a dock station (in which the Switch logo stands out and the presence of what appear to be two side USB sockets), or it can be used in total autonomy, using two “appendages” that act as controllers, called Joy Con. Each Joy-Con has an analog stick, four digital keys (the canonical directional pad and the quartet A, B, X, Y) and two rear triggers, allowing the user to be able to use, once composed, a complete control peripheral, with a mapping of the controls always faithful and full of solutions both in its “home” and portable form, without resorting to any kind of sacrifice.

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Also note the presence of the canonical “Home” button, and the arrival of the new “+” and “-” pair, probably dedicated to controlling the volume of the device or the brightness of the screen. A screen that, as we said, seems to contain within it the main architecture of the Switch, which we confirm to be developed by NVIDIA, as announced by the American giant in a press release published a few minutes after the end of the revelation. Once again, the rumors that they wanted “NX” based on the powerful Tegra microprocessor are confirmed: however, along with the computing power of the hardware in question, we also find custom software specifically for the Switch, noting the presence of a physics engine completely rewritten and of new programming interfaces (APIs) that aim to exploit the available computing power with greater timeliness. The return of the never forget the cartridges as for the hardware dedicated to usable software, to be inserted into a retractable casing located on top of the display unit.

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A solution with a vintage flavor, which fits perfectly with the enormous versatility demonstrated in a portable environment by Switch precisely in terms of usability: in fact we will not be forced to connect the Joy-Con, but we will be able to comfortably position the Display where most we like it (tilting it thanks to a special support placed on the back of the body), we connect headphones thanks to the 3.5 mm jack input and play wirelessly using the two peripherals. At the end of a train ride or a restorative vacation, we’ll finally return home, so we can plug the Switch into its docking station, so we can continue playing on the beautiful screen in our living room without any interruption. Comfortably seated on the sofa we will use the Joy Con once again wirelessly, or by applying them to what Nintendo calls the “Grip accessory”, a support that evokes the shapes of a traditional pad. If none of these solutions pleases us, we can finally take advantage of a pro controller specially redesigned for Nintendo Switch, which will most likely have to be purchased separately from the basic equipment of the console, since it is Nintendo itself who defines it as “optional” in its official press release.

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Share, compete and esport

After describing the main features of the console, the second part of the trailer is completely dedicated to the vision and philosophy that Nintendo was based on during the development of Switch. The idea seems to be to want not only to ensure the possibility of playing wherever and whenever you want, but also in the company of whoever we want. The Joy-Con hides an exciting secret: two (or more?) buttons placed along the axis that then connect to the screen. By moving the only peripheral in a horizontal position in this way, we obtain a small controller equipped with an analog stick and up to six buttons, of which at least two are the backbone. This architecture aims to exalt and partially rewrite the rules of local multiplayer, allowing more players to interact and compete in split screen anywhere they want, without necessarily having to have a television. Nintendo chooses sport to power this feature, presenting four friends on a basketball court determined to take a break: thanks to two units nintendo switch kids split into pairs, each ready to collaborate on the same team, relying on their own screen and related Joy-Con.

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But even an outdoor party or a fun evening with your group could become an excuse to take advantage of the peculiarities of Switch, enjoying an experience that is always complete and punctual, that is no longer tied to the presence of television or the shots of energy placed. nearby. Switch’s mission seems to be to break down the barriers of aggregation, and push the accelerator to a type of multiplayer increasingly dominated by online in recent years, rediscovering the flavor of that fun that only a face-to-face “in the flesh” bone”. bones “can give, in the name of immediacy and freedom of use. To express the philosophy behind Switch, Nintendo draws on some of the biggest titles in its catalog: scrolling through images of an interesting Mario 3D Chapter completely unreleased, followed by gaming sessions extrapolated from mario kart 8 me splatoon. However, a few details suggest news about the games in question: some of the most fun arcade racing karts in recent years are in fact driven by King Boo, a character absent from the Wii U version of the killer app posted on 2014. Even the amazing Splatoon betrays some never-before-seen ones, with never-before-seen Squid Boy weapons and customization items.

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What can we expect about it then? The most plausible hypothesis would be to see the incredible Wii U catalog recovered or part of it, enhancing it and adapting it to the technical needs and peculiarities of the Nintendo Switch hardware, obtaining revised and corrected versions, accompanied by unpublished content. A great opportunity for many players, who will be able to reassess the game library of an unfortunate console, but full of titles of absolute value. And it is Splatoon that, once again, is preparing to convey a daring and sometimes unexpected image of Nintendo, ready to launch itself into a panorama still largely unexplored from the Kyoto house, such as that of the sport. The trailer shows two rival teams ready to compete in a packed arena in delirium: backstage we get to watch the two teams warming up, each busy reviewing their game tactics with a blackboard and chalk. Once the preparation of the schemes is finished, it is time to get together to “apply” what we have studied on the field, with each player equipped with Switch and Pad Pro, ready to start a warm-up match, communicating instantly with the rest of the team. , to then launch into the chaos that matters and demonstrate all its value. Without a doubt, an exciting scene.

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The Nintendo party: many guests and some doubts to dispel

The success of an idea, however, is not always sanctioned by the effort made to transform one’s vision into a tangible reality: a lesson that Nintendo should know well after the enormous commercial failure of Wii U. Here the Kyoto house rushes to announce collaborations like Numerous As They Matter with some of the biggest software houses in the modern gaming scene, ready to support and give their contribution to the Switch cause. Big nameswhich includes developers from all geographic areas, such as Capcom, bandai namco,Square Enix, SEGAEA, Platinum Games, Take2 Interactive, Atlus, from software me Bethesdajust to name a few.

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Not surprisingly, the single-player gameplay sessions featured in the reveal were devoted to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but also what appears to be the Special Edition of Zelda. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, signed by Bethesda. Therefore, the desire would seem to change gears, to transform Switch into a platform capable of enhancing even third-party titles thanks to its peculiarities, justifying the investments of the most sought-after software houses of the moment thanks to hardware that is certainly not comparable to that of the competition for computing power, but capable of rewriting the rules of the game from various points of view, and offering an experience in its own unique and peculiar way, which could open new horizons also in terms of gaming solutions.
But will it all be true? Will Nintendo be able to be consistent with what is revealed to the world today? Will the Switch’s potential really be exploited to launch hardware capable of making Nintendo relevant again in the contemporary gaming landscape? Although the reveal turned out to be exciting and effective from a communicative point of view, capable of conveying the philosophy behind the Switch and its main features with clarity and transparency, unlike what happened with Wii U, some doubts continue to hover. and associates. The announced third-party support seems to be very fleshed out on paper, but wasn’t that the case for the Wii U as well? If Nintendo fails to create a respectable installed base, it will be difficult to make a platform attractive to the various software houses to devote more development costs to at a time in history that is already difficult enough for global finances.

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The technical specifications of the Switch remain shrouded in mystery, an aspect that, like it or not, could partially limit its appeal in the eyes of a certain sector of the public: it is clear that the computing power that is hidden under “the hood” is decidedly limited when compared to the competition. Therefore, it remains to carefully evaluate and analyze the visual representation of the titles, in the hope that Nvidia’s Tegra microprocessor will allow developers (whether third-party or their own) to be able to express its potential without too much trouble. But the element that concerns us most today is of a purely technical nature; Let’s talk about the internal battery of the Switch. The idea of ​​operating a multifaceted console, without structural limitations, when, where and with whom we want, bothers us a lot, but all this enthusiasm could deflate in one fell swoop in the face of a console battery that lasts only a handful of hours. It is useless to get together with a group of friends and four Joy-Con if then hardware autonomy it will prove to be very limited and limiting, rendering the concept behind the Switch completely useless. So it only remains to wait for a deeper presentation event, which is capable of clarifying the many aspects still shrouded in the shadows, over which an online infrastructure dominates that should witness significant improvements, especially after the declaration of love launched towards the ‘Export