Nothing E3 2020? Between PS5 and Far Cry 6: Sony and Ubisoft Get Along Even Without


Even before the Entertainment Software Association made the news of the E3 2020 cancellation official, Sony had announced that it would not participate in the Los Angeles event.

The emergency Coronavirus Subsequently, it also pushed other players in the video game industry to replace their presence at the fair with digital events designed to update the public on the news that arrive during the year. But what has been so far the impact of canceling E3 in editors and developers? The trend was the subject of an interesting analysis by Super data research, a company dedicated to statistical and market analysis.

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As found by the same, the big giants of the industry would actually be enjoying even greater success than seen in the context of E3. Examples cited include The Future of Gaming event broadcast by Sony in June: the latter recorded a average number of viewers per minute on Twitch equal to 1.51 million people. For comparison, just think that the Microsoft E3 2019 conference, last year’s The Game Awards, and the Nintendo Direct E3 2019 had respectively 0.94, 0.62 and 0.56 million. Greater success also for him Ubisoft Conference which saw the Far Cry 6 reveal, which saw the metric go from 0.75 to 1.02 million compared to the E3 2019 event.

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Mind you, the boosting effect of next-gen consoles needs to be taken into account, which, however, SuperData reveals, doesn’t seem to have had a significant effect on the shows that protagonists have watched. independent realities.

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