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Our favorite Dragon Ball FighterZ heroes

Our favorite Dragon Ball FighterZ heroes

At TGS we learned some new details and named the best teams for each member of the editorial team

We have been talking a lot about Dragon Ball FighterZ in recent times and the reasons are soon said: the fighting game coming out at the beginning of next year is perhaps the best representation of the fights of the hugely popular manga and anime, thus managing to exalt its fans, but also a refined and profound product, designed to be accessible by all but with that depth, which should guarantee it a long life and perhaps a well-developed competitive scene. At TGS 2017 we played a demo that didn’t present huge changes compared to the past, but we also got to chat with a member of Arc System Works, getting a handful of interesting details about the development process. The Story mode, already announced but of which nothing concrete has been seen, will be written ad hoc and will have a more complex structure than the usual alternation of battles and interlude scenes.

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We hope for something that changes depending on the character chosen and maybe gives space for some crossroads and differences depending on how you behave. Also as previously announced, the protagonist of the story will also be the new character Android # 21, designed in collaboration with Toriyama himself and that we are really curious to try. Speaking of the fighters, it is interesting to learn how Arc System Works does not only take into account the popularity of the characters, but first of all looks for heroes who give something more to the gameplay: Yamcha for example is difficult to be included in any Top 10 of the most popular, but the fact that he does not use Ki for attacks, at least not to an extent comparable to the others, has made it possible to create a character that relies heavily on close-range strikes, fast and deadly. The variety of combat systems is preparatory to a 3 vs 3 game formula which obviously includes the presence of counters. As we said, there are refined choices and remarkable possibilities for Dragon Ball FighterZ to become more than just a licensed product. And then graphically one can really praise an extraordinary work, in which very well made and animated characters stand out, capable of bringing to mind the anime in all its most spectacular fighting scenes. It is true, if we want to be picky, that the backdrops seem to be a little less defined, but it is about the details and while you are playing you can only be amazed by the incredible work done by the graphic designers, a real letter of d ‘ love for the series that hardly everyone, even those who do not normally like fighting games, will love. We had fun playing a few games and each of us chose their own “trusted” trio!

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The Super Saiyans – Antonio Fucito

Goku, Vegeta and Gohan are three of the most beloved characters and an integral part of the Saiyan “nobility”. This could be enough for the choice of this dream team. In addition, it should be noted that among the Super there are absolutely iconic moves, such as the respective Kamehameha of Goku and Gohan and the Big Bang Attack of Vegeta and among the Specials a good number of close solutions to never be caught unprepared.

Humans – Vincenzo Lettera

Krillin, Yamaha and Tian Shinhan (let’s pretend he’s completely human) appear to be supporting characters, in reality this team (still hypothetical, since we haven’t tried the last two yet) could reserve several surprises. Yamcha as mentioned above will have a very particular non-Ki-based style of play, which should make it more complex but potentially rewarding to choose from. Krillin and Tian Shinhan, on the other hand, have several popular shots that, also thanks to the necessary balance of the video game, should not make them look bad against more quoted opponents.

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The super villains – Umberto Moioli

Freeza, Cell and Majinbu are an exceptional team, an excellent mix of fighters capable of fighting both long and medium distance. The first two in particular are perfect for keeping opponents away while the third has very powerful close shots. The different dimensions of the three also give a certain number of solutions on an offensive and defensive level.